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  1. Boysground

    Heating Question

    Not really sure if this is the right place but I thought it as good as any. I live in a AHA tenancy listed 6 bed farmhouse. Over 600 years old some walls 2 feet thick with some only lath and plaster. Most of the roof is thatch an area of slate. I do have insulation. I have an aga, open fires...
  2. Boysground

    Dear Mr Fendt

    Please laminate your windscreens Not fun at speed on a busy road. Pleased I wear glasses as I was covered in glass. Bg
  3. Boysground

    Sad Day

    I’ve driven a combine every harvest since I was 17, I’m 52 now and won’t be this year. With a dairy that takes up more of my time (and money) running my own combine is not really viable now. My last combine left this morning. It’s going to be a tough summer on a trailer but probably best in...
  4. Boysground

    1st time in 10 years........ or!

    This has to be worth one of @Bald Rick s mugs @Chris F Been a few changes here and the dairy is grazing for the 1st time in 10 years today 10 mins running round and they wanted to come back in :ROFLMAO: Bg
  5. Boysground


    I suspect I may have a small issue brewing with an area I own. The land is bordered by a river which is owned by a fishing club, I have the land registry map and the property register which states that I do NOT own the riverbed. This has always been my understanding, the question is where does...
  6. Boysground

    Frit Fly

    I have a field of new grass seeds which is slowly being munched by frit fly. A change in policy with the dairy means that this particular field has had to go from a 2 year Italian Ley to a longer term grazing Ley. Normally I wouldnt do this, also due to having to cut everything as many times as...
  7. Boysground

    Hare coursing petition

    Just had this sent to me. The coursing on and around Salisbury plain has been appalling this year. With numerous cars and dogs seized by a very proactive police force. But it is time for the government to think more about the rural population and the issues we have that don’t occur within the...
  8. Boysground

    QR code

    Mrs Bg has just had to create a QR code for the Church just in case one of the very few visitors wants to enter it on the NHS Covid app. It got me thinking about the farm. The .Gov website says businesses should have 1. There are few days when we don’t get a delivery and there are often visitors...
  9. Boysground

    Iphone photos

    I have an Iphone 8. I use chrome to view TFF which I prefer over safari, if I want to upload a photo to a thread I have always used the attach files button, and selected the photo. Now when I do this and press done on the photo viewer it shuts down chrome. So I cant now upload photos. Any ideas...
  10. Boysground

    Marconi & Beans

    Does anybody have a Marconi chart for beans. I seem to be able to do everything else. It’s the black meter if it makes a difference Before you all suggest I’ll also tag the guru @Lodekka :) Bg
  11. Boysground


    So it’s a nice sunny day and I am in the middle of nowhere ploughing. The field has a footpath going though the middle. I have just had 16 blokes wearing nothing but shoes and backpacks walk by Not what I wanted to see while eating lunch Bg
  12. Boysground

    Pre Em Nozzles

    I have been looking at pre em nozzles. Have tried all sorts over the years from flat fans to Hawk nozzles then Defy nozzles. For the last couple of years I have been using guardian air 04 at 150l which seem to be ok and not too bad with drift in the autumn. I was reading the Syngenta website and...
  13. Boysground

    John Deere Starfire Stolen

    Just heard on the grapevine local contractor has had. 10 Starfire receivers, 7 Starfire screens and 20 main armrest screens stolen last night. Could be a few on offer if they are not already out of the country. Is there a market for the armrest screens? Bg
  14. Boysground

    New Printer

    I know this has been done to death before, however I am getting fed up with having to clean the print head on my printer and continually changing ink cartridges. Its an Epson which I know dont have the best reputation these days but is a few years old. I need something for general office use, I...
  15. Boysground

    Marconi/ Dr Egleton

    Some time ago i had a phone message from Dr Egletons son saying that sadly the Dr had passed away. He was trying to repatriate all the Marconi meters with their rightful owners. I have called the number a few times and never had a response to the messages I have left. I now think I have misheard...
  16. Boysground

    Jd 6R radio

    I have a 6R on order,it has the integrated radio. We are all starting to get concerned that we will have a nice new tractor for the summer and will not have TMS available in digital quality. What ways are there to get a dab radio ideally without having to replace the JD unit. Thanks Bg
  17. Boysground

    For once something positive

    Just a short positive story for future farmers Hopefully the link has worked. Bg
  18. Boysground

    Molasses pump

    we are going to start feeding molasses. An on ground tank would be best for the location we have but the the molasses would need a pump. The question is what sort of pump do I use. It's is 1.3 kg/l so fairly thick, do I need something more substantial than an ordinary water pump? Thanks for the...
  19. Boysground

    Thank you Frontier

    For the lovely calendar that arrived in todays post. You have won by being the first to send me a 2018 Calendar, TFF one not ordered yet. I have not even finished planting this autumn or even harvest as I still have maize to cut and you are trying to get me to wish the rest of 2017 away. With...
  20. Boysground

    Well done Claas

    Given that there are many threads on here saying what poor service people get from machinery dealers I would just like to say a public well done to CLAAS western in Frome. The alternator went on my combine this morning. With only 40 ac to go I was not best pleased. There was not one in frome so...