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  1. Sir loin

    Bomford axle brackets for JD 6190 R

    as above tractor is 40 k therefore no air brakes.
  2. Sir loin

    Fire extinguishers

    Is there a legal (or insurance) requirement to carry fire extinguishers in tractors when round baling straw for instance. Didn't want to ring up broker might tempt fate!!
  3. Sir loin

    Round bale hay sweating time.

    We have just baled 11 acres of hay into round bales would have preferred another day on it but forecast is not in our favour so we are leaving it out in the field to sweat how long does the curing period take to heat up and then cool down to be safe enough to put it in the shed.
  4. Sir loin

    Need a Limousin Bull from North Yorks up to Aberdeen

    As the title says could do with moving fairly soon any possible contacts please PM me.
  5. Sir loin

    Fusion 2 questions.

    Can you use Baletite in a 2012 fusion 2 without a modification? We would definatly like to try baletite if possible as we do haylage for a livery. We have just bought this machine second hand privately only done 22,000 bales getting a first service what should we make sure we look at and check...
  6. Sir loin

    Scald in lambs

    Anyone use Iodine to treat scald instead of terramycin blue spray. Was thinking of trying it any reason why not and why it wouldn't work, what do you use?
  7. Sir loin

    Recommendations for an air compressor.

    My old one has blown up its last tyre looking for a replacement. Tyres mainly, best value and reliability?
  8. Sir loin

    Any one else tried this and do you think it works?

    I feed my cows their haylage in the evening between 6 and 7 oclock to make them mostly calve throughout the day. They fill their bellys and cud throughout the night. I recon I' am at 80% out of 12 cows calved up to now that have calved through the day.
  9. Sir loin

    Hogg not doing.

    I have a hogg that is a poor doer and the best way to describe it is that it walks on its toes with its back legs straight and it taking very short twinkle toes steps . Nothing apparently wrong with its feet. Any ideas plus treatments gratefully welcomed.
  10. Sir loin

    Yanmar engine in a Kramer.

    Have been looking to change our 850 Kramer and the equivalent machine 5085 has a Yanmar engine in it. Always had a Kramer and latterly they have always had deutz engines . Is this a step backwards are they reliable? I'am sure it will be a cost saving for Neuson but will I pay for it in the end?
  11. Sir loin

    Weighing lambs

    I weighed my lambs today for Thirsk tomorrow they were very wet when I get my all singing and dancing weigher plus automatic tag reader as part of the grant how do you compensate for a wet day weighing followed by a dry day weighing do you accept poorer DLWG for the week? How much rain water in...
  12. Sir loin

    Grant application is the CRN same as FRN?

    Need CRN (customer reference number) for grant application is that the same as the FRN (firm reference number)on your claim statement.
  13. Sir loin

    Saler x Holstein /Friesian possible suckler cow?

    Anyone use this as a suckler cow my thinking is wide pelvis area from the saler milk from the holstien/Friesian .
  14. Sir loin

    Help with countryside productivity grant to upgrade sheep handling system

    I have taken a few photos of my sheep handling system , very basic and built out of stuff laid around the farm to keep costs to a minimum. I have not claimed any grant in one and two so I assume I would be eligible to claim in 3. I generally farm 130 ewes (texel x lleyn) on my own no dog . Wish...
  15. Sir loin

    Machinery sales eu Ltd ?

    Any one used this company, is it legitimate ? I was looking at the Grutech 2 in 1 round bale unloader and straw spreader anyone got one and can vouch for their quality.
  16. Sir loin

    building conversion into vertical farming

    Anyone converted a fully insulated ex broiler house for vertical farming use
  17. Sir loin

    Would this work on cattle?

    A week ago my daughters mare foaled a first time mare all went well and she foaled very quick (watched it on camera) then the problems started when the mare never licked or wanted the foal and wasn't for letting it suckle, kicking out etc so foal in danger of not getting colostrum. We rang the...
  18. Sir loin

    Leaning tree over road, who's responsibility?

    We have a tree that has got a lean on with the wind but it is leaning over the road pulling the roots up on our side my responsibility or highways?
  19. Sir loin

    Managing a flock with a high lambing percentage.

    This year my 120 ewe flock (lleyns) have scanned 218 % (last year 186% year before 165%) , we have never had a percentage like this 20 singles, 64 sets of twins, 30 sets of triplets and 6 sets of quads. I usually house ewes the day the first one lambs(due to start April 1st) but with a lot more...
  20. Sir loin

    Free Access Minerals

    Last year I had a calf bed out and my vet blood tested the cow to show low calcium could have been the reason so we have gone for a free access mineral with a bit higher calcium level in it. How do you ensure every cow gets its daily requirement ?