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  1. grainboy

    France get £62.7 million

    France gets £62.7 million But we had 1000 migrants cross the channel today,
  2. grainboy

    Grain store Drier building

    Available this week, ideal for Grain drier, 16 degree roof pitch,
  3. grainboy

    Pel job eb12

    I thought I knew my way round diggers, but Second hand but new to me Digger, Pel job eb12, how do you switch from, machine rotation left and right, to just boom swing left to right, ? mine has a mind of its own, sometimes boom swing , sometimes machine swing, without doing anything different...
  4. grainboy

    Large Gate

    Potential large Gate, ex grain pit cover, would make with hinges a good gate, £200
  5. grainboy

    Browns Bale sledge

    Browns flat 8:bale sledge, working order, £300 plus vat
  6. grainboy

    Flat 8 Grab

    Flat 8 grab. Working order, JCB brackets, £250: plus vat
  7. grainboy

    Steel staircase

    Steel staircase, 2.4 m high, good condition, price £350 plus vat
  8. grainboy

    Banks site Andover I viewed site, to quote, but found Network Rail, conditions of demolition too costly, £15 k for paperwork permission, as adjacent to rail line,
  9. grainboy

    Brocks auction

    Brocks having a clear out, possibly overstocked ?
  10. grainboy

    Multi-fuel stove

    The Aldeburgh Multi-Fuel Stove, rated at 6-8 kw. Weight 96 kg, Flue dia, 130mm. Includes 4 length of stainless insulated flue, Granite Hearth size 925 mm x 880mm. Has been installed in holiday lodge, only used occasionally. Collection Nr Lowestoft,
  11. grainboy

    Massey Ferguson Front wheels tyres.

    Pair of Massey Ferguson, front wheels and tyres. Size 480 / 65 R 28 Available as tractor sold,
  12. grainboy

    Grain Dresser

    Small Grain dresser, Fully working, ideal for cleaning farm saved seed, £350 Other sizes available
  13. grainboy

    Control panel ex Grain Store

    Ex Grain store control panel, ideal for components, £250
  14. grainboy

    Grain drier or intake building

    Grain drier or workshop add on building available end Aug, approx 10m x 5m
  15. grainboy

    Insulated Boards

    Large Quantity of Insulated board available,
  16. grainboy

    Gloucestershire or Bedfordshire to Insch, Nr Aberdeen,

    Part load of Grain equipment, need 20 ft on trailer, less than 2.5 ton, couldn’t get it all on Roscoe.
  17. grainboy

    Workshop, Drier shed

    Probably available, approximately 27ft x 27 ft, confirming tomorrow,
  18. grainboy


    Cheffins auction today
  19. grainboy

    Fordson Major

    Found and bought today, open to offers
  20. grainboy

    Hopper bottom bin,

    Hopper bottom bin, 5ft x 5ft , slide on outlet, requiring a couple of welds, at bottom of hopper, £150