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  1. R J

    Bunning spinner deck

    Hi , has anyone fitted a detachable spinner deck to a bunning lowlader spreader , I would like to spread poultry manure at 18m so would be good to know people's experiences. Thanks
  2. R J

    Grain store mapping , what 3 words

    Had our red tractor crop assurance today , they are now mapping our assured grain stores with" what 3 words " (which is within 3m x3m ) Is this to see which sheds we are loading out of :unsure:
  3. R J

    Twose bale handler

    Selling our twose bale handler, Year 2013 but very little use £875 +vat
  4. R J

    NHS 1% pay rise

    Been in the news today , What are people's thoughts ?
  5. R J

    Nuffield drawbar

    Not sure how much I should be asking so open to offers , I have 2 like this
  6. R J

    Excavator screw type log splitter

    Can anyone recommend a screw log splitter for a 5- 8 ton excavator Thanks
  7. R J

    Hernia op

    Well been in today for my hernia op . bloody sore now ! So no lifting for 6 weeks or so :cautious: Just wondered if any one had any tips in their experiences with recovery do's and dont's ? Thanks
  8. R J

    Telehandler implement mover

    I've seen 2 types of these, one that hooks to the toplink with pads to stabilize the bottom links , and another that hooks to the bottom links and has a top link also , Have both these types got advantages /disadvantages ? Thanks
  9. R J

    Sliding doors

    Couple of doors I've been making over the last couple of weeks , Hung them over the weekend
  10. R J

    Sliding door track kit

    Can anyone recommend me a supplier of sliding door kits Thanks
  11. R J

    Fitting trackers

    Does anyone for trackers to tractors and does it reduce Insurance premiums? Thanks
  12. R J

    Hgv turning width

    Hi all , just planning a bit of building redesign, Can artic bulkers turn at 90° (between buildings ) from a 6m wide gap to a 10m wide gap ? Thanks
  13. R J

    Ellie Harrison

    I see she is sending a bit more racist blame on the countryside in yesterday's paper
  14. R J

    Hydraulic drive fert spinner

    Looking to change fertiliser spreader, is hydraulic drive a advantage ? Thanks
  15. R J

    Scottish power !

    Anyone had any bad experiences with them !?? They must be about the worst company we have ever had dealing with !!
  16. R J

    Blair seed cleaner

    Hi all , Does anyone have a Blair seed cleaner , I think their is a bit missing of ours but not sure , could do with an picture, Thanks
  17. R J


    Could a rat climb concrete pannels ? , Have one getting in a shed , 12 foot high pannels , no other access I can see 🤔
  18. R J

    Kuhn power harrow

    Selling our 3m kuhn power harrow . Good condition £5200
  19. R J

    widening a gateway

    does anyone know how many meters of hedgerow can legally be removed to widen a gateway , (between fields not on to a road) thanks
  20. R J

    Fyson elevator

    Does anyone use a fyson elevator for stacking grain ? What sort of night can it stack too and what sort of capacity per hour ? Thanks