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  1. kiwi pom

    The Flu jab

    With it being the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere it must be getting closer to flu season. Will everyone who got the Covid vaccine get their jab? Who gets it, who doesn't bother?
  2. kiwi pom

    Crop Failure

    Just watched a YouTube video of Mike Mitchell in Canada starting his harvest. The drought has meant there's virtually no crop but he's out there with the combines trying to collect up enough lentils for some seed to plant next season. It sounds like its not a rare event either. Got me wondering...
  3. kiwi pom

    Who's got all the containers?

    There seems to be a shortage of everything here at the moment, I still haven't got the sofa I bought in the boxing day sales:cry: The biggest shortage though is empty containers, then ships to cart them off when they've been filled. Heard various stories, freezing works not killing as many...
  4. kiwi pom

    EU vaccine role out.

    I read an article this morning say the ultra efficient EU are having problems making the AstraZeneca vaccine in their factories. Instead of fixing them they are saying the vaccine from UK factories, that are not having problems should be sent to them. So Britain can do something right? Perhaps...
  5. kiwi pom

    How to clear a flooded road?

    As the other thread was quite rightly deleted because of insults, I thought I'd ask. I assume there's drains and soakaways but a soakaway will just fill up won't it? As for drains where do they go, especially on older roads?
  6. kiwi pom

    Seasonal labour.

    Just wondering how the fruit/veg season went in the UK after all the stories about the lack of labour early in the season? Any disasters? There's currently a big fuss here about borders being closed to workers, crops will be left to rot etc. The government has agreed to let another 2000 workers...
  7. kiwi pom

    Labour units per acre/animal/system.

    In another thread talk has moved to the number of labour units on cropping and dairy units, so I'm wondering what people think about it. How many acres/animals per employee/owner/contractor for each type of farming bearing in mind contracting some things out is still hiring labour. Is employing...
  8. kiwi pom

    Min tillers look away please

    Saw this. Cant beat horsepower(y):D
  9. kiwi pom

    2018 Tractor sales.

    Reading the August Classic Tractor today, I see John Deere’s collapse is almost complete with Fendt and Valtra top sellers[emoji106] Oh no hang on that’s not right[emoji33] Normal service for Deere at the top then. Agco might be scratching their head a bit. Case IH must be happy. Yes I know...
  10. kiwi pom

    Land Rover Recall.

    Saw this today. Old news or?.. Recalling 44,000 cars over emissions. Are they the new VW?:whistle::unsure:
  11. kiwi pom

    How many of you will be farming in ten years?

    For most of my life I've been told there's no money in farming and if things don't change quickly there will have to be drastic changes. The B word seems to have lifted concern even higher and there's a thread on here about whether the 'sub' (not sure what its called these days) has been paid...
  12. kiwi pom

    Country of origin food labelling.

    Saw this today, the NZ government is passing a bill to see mandatory labelling of certain foods country of origin. One of the examples they give is 60% of pork consumed in NZ is imported and shoppers...
  13. kiwi pom

    Air con problems

    The wrong time of year for most of you to worry about this I know. Hyundai Santa Fe, Everything works fine, nice and cold plenty of air flow but after extended running, an hour plus, air flow reduces to almost nothing but what there is, is still cold. Drain hose stops dripping water, if you then...
  14. kiwi pom

    How many miles a year do you drive?

    Reading the many, what car/4wd/pickup threads on here I've noticed many of you seem to clock up a high annual mileage in your vehicles, which surprises me a bit. I realise that there's a lot of non farmers on here who may travel for work etc but I've always thought farmers would do fairly low...
  15. kiwi pom

    Millennial Farmer (youtube)

    Anyone seen this guys channel? He's from Minnesota in the US, seems a good way to educate the public to what goes on, on a cropping farm. Even the odd yellow Fendt on there. Anyway they're just getting started with harvest so could be worth a watch for a while. This is his latest one.
  16. kiwi pom

    Fonterra CEO

    So anyone fancy a new job, been a vacancy for so long they've stopped looking. Working for 10,000 farmers cant be that hard can it?:eek:
  17. kiwi pom

    Biogas = Big money?

    Stumbled across this whilst on youtube. It seems like moneys no object when chopping a bit of grass. I'm no fashion expert but I think the trailer monkey might have been wearing a schoffel too?:eek: There must be serious money to be made if someone's ok with financing that lot? The clip says...
  18. kiwi pom

    Ford or New Holland?

    Spotted this at the dealers yesterday. Like or no like??
  19. kiwi pom

    Rounding up escaped bulls Kiwi style

    After reading the escaped water buffalo thread saw this on the news. Hope the video in the link above works. It does look a bit of a shambles to start with but successful in the end. Not a...
  20. kiwi pom

    N Z's Elite police sheep..

    Saw this, made me smile. Four charged after a cop's flock stops 90 minute car chase in Central Otago CHE BAKER, DEBBIE JAMIESON AND DASHA KUPRIENKO Last updated...