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  1. Foxcover

    JCB 4220 Fastrac tyres
  2. Foxcover

    JCB 4220 Fastrac tyres

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    Ovalled wheel rim holes - how would you deal with them?

    My post was in the scrap metal thread, not sure why it’s here :unsure:
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    Best mouse trap.

    These glue traps aren’t humane at all :(
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    Chicken Muck...

    Put it on in spring 4t to the acre. Spread pattern needs to be even if it’s potent muck otherwise you could end up with laid corn.
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    Cash is King or Not?

    passive agreesuve bitterness again, ‘UK/ real world’ :sleep: Another decent thread spoiled by people talking rubbish and Britain bashing.
  7. Foxcover

    Cash is King or Not?

    To be fair I also do this, I have a few customers who I see every 8 weeks who insist on paying me with cheques that might only be for £25 so what I do is I tell them that I’ll save all the cheques up over a year and cash them at Christmas :LOL: They quickly change to cash or BACS
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    Cash is King or Not?

    I travelled NZ in 2015 and it’s definitely not the modern, electronic society you describe. Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch are fairly modern but most small towns are lucky if they have one ATM and most business expected cash, felt like stepping back in time 20 years which I quite enjoyed! This...
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    Cash is King or Not?

    85% of my customers pay me with cash, 10% BACS and 5% cheque. I have to do a bank run each week to deposit cash and cheques which I don’t mind, but I actually spend more time chasing the 10% BACS people, ‘oh I forgot’ or ‘I’ll do it tonight’. I like the feeling of knowing the hard work that’s...
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    France get £62.7 million

    Come on, get us some more pointless news bites or articles!! Comedy Gold.
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    France get £62.7 million

    It’s in French mate, I can’t read it. I studied German and Spanish when I was a youngster with my satnav, Far more useful languages.
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    France get £62.7 million

    It’s not worth your breath Dr, you give a candid and shocking reflection of how they treat immigrants in France and all you get is a sarcastic news bite in return. That’s what you’re dealing with unfortunately, I’ll be ignoring the politics section from now on, there’s 3 really bitter trolls...
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    Think the euro pallets stamped ‘EPAL’ are worth about 3 quid each in good nick.
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    Combine reliability

    If you know your machine inside out then you’ll have a good idea what it might need to keep it going? Or if you really have that gut feeling it’s going to die soon you could chop it in while it’s still worth something against something like this….
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    Scrap Metal Price

    180 mixed 2 weeks ago Hull
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    France get £62.7 million

    Good job you don’t live here then! I’m fairly happy with my lot thanks :) If the ‘England you were dragged up in’ was full of people like you then I don’t want it thanks.
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    France get £62.7 million

    Seem to be getting mad about others affairs? Not at all! I’m here for the farming and machinery, not politics or constant moaning and pessimism :)
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    France get £62.7 million

    Wow, what a presumption!
  19. Foxcover

    France get £62.7 million

    I don’t have a problem at all! I just find it strange that someone would spend so many of their waking hours getting mad about others affairs :LOL:
  20. Foxcover

    France get £62.7 million

    Thats just as sad (y)