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  1. jondear

    CF Fertilisers

    And USA stalling on trade deals with Boris while he's on a Jolly in States!
  2. jondear

    Fert prices vs fallow ?

    Only to keep the salads fresh !It seams c02 is used for everything!
  3. jondear

    Fert prices vs fallow ?

    That is very sad!
  4. jondear

    So called "celebrities"wisdom.

    It's called being loaded !Rich !
  5. jondear

    Mating sheep on red clover swards field lab

    Duhh! I even know this and hate sheep's!
  6. jondear

    New Tractor and Loader Deal on some comfort package .
  7. jondear

    New chainsaw for £80

    Facebook market place endless local saws for sale lots of good brands .
  8. jondear

    New Tractor and Loader

    Why nobody suggesting New JD 120 m . Supposedly the bees knees .
  9. jondear

    New Tractor and Loader Maybe not scroll down first poster.
  10. jondear

    New toy day

    Not new now used for 3 weeks .But it's a revelation compared to conventional scraper!
  11. jondear

    Plant Based Milk gaining market share

    And nobody does any research into what it's doing to the bodies actual composition ! With young peoples eating habits and fads .
  12. jondear


    Same around here .NT turning farms into public parks . Farmers told no longer to farm with livestock . Farmland turning into scrub .
  13. jondear

    Farm bike - do you have one?

    I had a Bultaco 175 when I was 13 .Loved it !Though chain was prone to coming off!
  14. jondear

    BSE found on farm

    He must be dead by now!
  15. jondear

    New toy day

    That will be what grants do!
  16. jondear

    New toy day

    That's some exhaust !
  17. jondear

    All things Dairy

    That's a 20;year old price .Won't get anyone much for that !
  18. jondear

    Regular Oil Analysis

    Claas dealer has started doing it as part of there service package.