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    i read on here about some guy from the states saying glyphosate is not harmful. the post was just in the last few weeks but i can't find it. can someone point me in the right direction? tia.
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    no backspace

    i have a hp pavilion laptop. the backspace key has stopped working except when i am typing. any ideas? tia.
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    just been watching some of the hinterland series on netflix. great scenery, what a nice looking area to live in cowabunga, derrick.
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    cupar fire

    is that scotts oat plant in cupar up in smoke? any fifers with info?
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    Brenda retires

    i think a few of you on here deal with Denis o Brown insurance brokers of stirling. Just a heads up to say that Brenda Finlayson of the claims dept is retiring. i'm sure that like me you wish her all the best for the busiest years of her life. you can pass comment on here or on facebook. Enjoy...