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    Budget lighting

    I have 3 sheds that I'd like to get some lights in before winter. Two are housing /calving sheds and the other is the feed yard that we have just covered over. I just want to be able to see a better than just wandering around with a head torch but it doesn't need to be like daylight. All...
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    TFL letter

    It looks like I'm going to have to rethink my holiday plans, because apparently I'm no longer allowed to drive my old MX 110 on the North circular and I was planning on a long distance urban cruise from Devon soon. Did anyone else get one of these. It has to be strong competition for the...
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    Feed rate in at higher prices?

    I deliberately cut cow numbers by more than 10% for this year to make for a more sustainable system that is less dependent on bought in feed and fertilizer I am currently feeding 3.5 kg fw of 16% cake for 1.8 kg MS. Cake is £250ish a ton. On an Arla contract my seasonal (B) litres are worth...
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    Herd register/movement books

    Is this something we're still supposed to do? We run uniform and its all accessible through there so it seems rather pointless. If we are supposed to them I am a touch behind......
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    Housing staff

    This has been an ongoing issue for me for some time because the farms I rent come with no staff housing. I've bought two x three bed houses and split one of them in two so I have nice one, two and three bed accomodations but none are on the main farm. How do others include housing in...
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    Grazing short term leys

    I grow 20-30 acres of summer brassicas each year that is normally returned to a prg/WC ley in early September. We use the same 20-30 acres as a sacrifice field on wet nights in the preceding autumn and spring and this year I am going to be bale grazing the late calvers on it through April...
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    Scepticemia in calves

    Calving was going a bit too smoothly until a couple of days ago when calves started dropping dead at less than 24 hrs. There's nothing a bit ill, they're either a picture of health or dead. We're calving in three sheds at the moment and this is only affecting one. My vet thinks there is...
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    Blue/Angus/Hereford calves for sale

    100 + calves available. They are mostly blue with some Angus and Hereford. They are out of Jersey x fresian grazing cows and will thrive on a forage based system. Most of the blues are from a Cogent bull Crackly bank lord and have come out red. if they go as a group £70
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    Tray for milk recording

    I'm looking for something that will neatly hold one of the 60 pot orange trays so you can work with both hands. It would probably need to be secured around your neck and waist to keep it steady. Does such a thing exist to buy or will I have to make something?
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    How to clean a bulk tank

    Does anyone have a good technique for safely cleaning the outside of a bulk tank? Arla tankers are autosample so no one climbs the ladder very often any more. I did today and was quite embarrassed by the state of the top. You can't reach the middle from a ladder and the last time I threw a...
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    Cow / calf outfits

    A couple of my Jersey X blues have accidentally got in calf and calved this week. They have nice Hereford calves from a registered pedigree sire. One heifer, one bull. I don't want to keep them, anybody interested? I have 15 of the same group going to St Merryn next Wednesday. The price for...
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    Fence hooks

    Does anyone know where I can get hooks like this to hold stock net up against plain/barbed wire?
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    Tb vaccine for cattle on the way? It doesn't say how the vaccine works with testing but it does sound like a vaccine might be on the way which has to be a good thing .
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    Staff holidays

    How do others deal with holidays? I have four FTE now, all on 30 days holiday, all working 11/3 or similar. Everyone works every second weekend. I've already asked them not to take take holiday through calving, does anyone ask employees not to take holiday over their working weekends...
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    Wholecrop additive

    Any recommendations? I've never used an additive on WC before and last year we definitely lost too much to heating on the face. Thanks
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    Sell or 'finish'

    As a result of tb I started keeping some beef calves back and taking though to 30 months. This year I only have 30, they are all BB out of jerseys. The system works well for me and they make a profit because they cost me virtually nothing. They are reared on waste milk and only housed for 60...
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    Soya hulls

    Does anyone feed them through the parlour? How much could I get away with feeding if I could find a bit of protein elsewhere? Are they a safe feed that I could almost ad-lib like pke? They appear relatively good value at £150/t
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    Aitchison drills

    Does anyone have any experience of using an Aitchison to drill cereals? It uses a leading disc followed by a leg. I see no reason it wouldn't work but I'd like to hear from anyone with experience TIA
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    Hereford X calves

    Dairy X Hereford calves. They are out of smaller jersey X fresian cows. Pedigree named sires. 40+ available now with 100 still to come. Bulls £75 Heifers £25 South Devon
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    Continuous spring barley

    I'm committed to another 5 years of 110ac low input spring cropping on some rented ground to meet the owners CSS scheme. I have the option of moving 10/20ac grassland i can move around this but its near enough continuous. At the moment its ploughed, worked and drilled conventionally by...