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  1. Tomr10


    In mark for new or good second hand hedgecutter moving from a 30 year old thing. What should I be looking for
  2. Tomr10

    John deere 2650 splitting for clutch

    Anybody know how many bolts are in the bell housing on a 2650. Clutch has gone thanks Maybe @Phil P ?
  3. Tomr10

    McCormick xtx165 pto speed sensor

    Hi anybody have the p/n or know where to get a pto speed sensor from p and d cant get one for a few days
  4. Tomr10

    E10 fuel

    Just heard on the radio. Changing fuel mixtures Hes a link to Gov checker
  5. Tomr10

    Recomendations for wood processor

    Hi looking for recommendations for wood processor used or new pto driven. Wont be doing huge amounts of work but want something that will last
  6. Tomr10

    Singapore approves lab grow chicken

    Listening to radio 5 today report that Singapore have approved the sale of lab grown chicken anybody else hear it
  7. Tomr10

    Office chair

    Weve had the benefit of a second monitor, but how many out there dont have a good chair. This is probably the comfiest thing in the house to sit on.
  8. Tomr10

    Coronavirus test rant

    Been trying to get a test for 3 days now wtf
  9. Tomr10

    Cloud online storage

    I currently have a free google online storage which is full. Thinking of getting a paid storage service does anybody have a recommendation of who to use. Do they keep giving price increases and how easy is it to swap between providers
  10. Tomr10

    Small tractor tool box

    Lots of threads about big tool boxes. But can anyone recomend a small one to replace the standard ones. The plastic on on the xtx is crap. Theres loads of cheap universal ones but they look crap
  11. Tomr10

    Gear changing issue McCormick xtx165

    Got a xtx165 that keeps changing between 1st and 2nd gear on it's own solinoed has been checked and not believed to be the issue. Any ideas
  12. Tomr10

    Cheap micro diggers

    Anybody seen these Old man is thing of getting one between 1.5 to 2 ton
  13. Tomr10


    We have a holiday booked and payed for for aug this year. Been debating moving it to next year but not to bothered if we do go this year. Looking online people seem to be getting different deals. Options are ring up and move but been have seen cost of 50pp to move and then there charging...
  14. Tomr10

    Sunday day off or another day of work

    As I have said we just do a bit of farming for a hobby and we have a lot of houses around so it's not often we do anything noise on a sunday. I know people need to feed and the such but if you had a lot of houses around you what would you do. This isn't just a shouldn't move to the country...
  15. Tomr10

    E bike

    Kind of annoyed I didn't buy an e bike last year and have recently been thinking about getting one again. Probably around a 3k budget does anybody heare have one
  16. Tomr10

    Loading issue

    Have a jpm 19t low loader had it for a few months to move a volvo ec140 about. Not tried to put it on to the trailer until tonight. Tracking machine up the ramp and the trailer pivots on the ramp feet that supposed to keep the front picking up and lifted the McCormick up in the air. Got it on...
  17. Tomr10

    Man cave areas

    Since I have been working from home. It has really made me want a man cave / space . Mine used to be the garage but that was taken over by the wedding dressing business. Let's see yours be garage/workshop under the stairs
  18. Tomr10

    Fittness during lockdown

    One important feature of mental health is related to exercise what tips tricks to people have do in the house. I like presups on the stairs
  19. Tomr10

    Pay during coronavirus

    Lots on the virus but though a financial only one might be interesting. I see a lot of self employed people asking for sick pay. I always thought the self employed should be making preparations for holidays and sick pay. I would definitely have health insurance if it was me
  20. Tomr10

    Petrol vs battery chainsaw

    I hadn't noticed the battery saws had become so popular hav a chance at what looks like a good price on a second hand baterry 535 husqvarna are there any issues to look out for. Has anyone charged them in the field or are they more for light work