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  1. Chris F

    Why will the AIC not confirm what tests are done on imported grain?

    This is the most ridiculous situation I see currently in farming. Red Tractor and Jim Moseley tell us that the mills prefer imported grain because of the "extensive testing", but no one will say what these tests are. If jim doesn't know then what he said will go down as one of the most idiotic...
  2. Chris F

    Oils and Lubricants Deals

    We have added a number of Oils and lubricant deals on the TFF buying group - Farmdeals. We would love some feedback and prices and product range? What else do we need or what do you want? You can read about them here...
  3. Chris F

    TFF Most Popular Poster - Round 5

    I am losing track of those who have already won this prestigious award, but I believe its a new winner. Rules for this round were - highest average reaction score per post for members who have posted more than 100 times in the last 30 days. And the winner is..... Since I can't keep track of...
  4. Chris F

    UK Dairy Day

    Is anyone else at the show today - its a little smaller than normal - but great to be seeing familiar faces again. I add up some pictures as I walk around.
  5. Chris F

    Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    Just had a call and was offered a "lot" of black solider fly larvae. Can anyone give me a quick summary of the product and its use? Of all the random calls I have had, this is well up there for @Farmdeals
  6. Chris F

    Ethical carbon

    You can imagine all the vegans that have paid for carbon offsets only to find out that to protect their offsets they are killing deer. are we approaching a time of ethical carbon, or do people still just not understand that all our interactions with nature kill something, be they slugs or deer...
  7. Chris F

    Long term machinery reviews?

    One of the things that the Resources section could be used for is long term machinery reviews. For any farmer that has had a machine for a season and wants to write up a review. Resources can be updated, so you can add more information is time goes on. Members can discuss the review and rate...
  8. Chris F

    PureOaty win against Oatly

    Nice to see a UK farm get a win.
  9. Chris F

    Tapatalk has been removed

    During the upgrade process, Tapatalk was throwing 1000s of errors with the new software version, so we have to make the decision to remove it totally now. The upgrade will allow us to launch the new APP for both IOS and Andriod, so there will be a replacement. We would have liked to have...
  10. Chris F

    TFF Upgrade 4th August

    Morning all, we have been working on the next upgrade for about 9 months now. Thank you to those members who have helped test it and have seen the update. Mostly this is a collection of a lot of minor changes, which hopefully add up to a better experience. We have also worked with AHDB...
  11. Chris F

    National Food Strategy: open letter

    July 2021 Rt Hon George Eustice Seacole Building 2 Marsham St London SW1P 4DF Dear Secretary of State, Re: National Food Strategy: open letter We are writing to you reflecting widely different experiences and communities within the farming sector, to endorse the recommendations of the...
  12. Chris F

    The Pingdemic

    The said on news this morning that 1 in 50 people in the U.K. have now been pinged. But is this just a town problem? (Or just a hangover from football matches) My daughter how is a student at Loughborough is the only person I know. How many farmers have been pinged? Not hearing any problems...
  13. Chris F

    National Food Strategy

    I see the Nation Food Strategy due out next week has been leaked to the papers. Write up in the Times today. Aims - "break the junk food cycle" Headline - "Free fruit and Veg planned for the poor" Mentions for eating Algae instead of meat. A "meat tax" is not going to be included, but...
  14. Chris F

    Farming welcome at Great Yorkshire Show

    Actually it seems we are welcome - so new thread.
  15. Chris F

    Lockdown lifting and Ag Shows

    I’ve just heard they are pushing out until 19th July to fully lift lockdown. Which means 4K limit stays in place for a while longer. Does that mean no Cereals? Also what other shows have over 4K normally attend? Groundswell is unaffected.
  16. Chris F

    Is sustainability important? yes. Do you buy sustainably? no...

    A survey by Lidl in Belgium to show that what consumers say and do are very different. 90% say sustainability is important, but that's not reflected in the products they buy. Price...
  17. Chris F

    New Moderator

    After much nagging, I have folded like a cheap suit and given @Bald Rick moderator powers. I'm sure you will now treat him with the reverence he deserves.
  18. Chris F

    Downtime Warning - 11am Today

    Morning all - we need to upgrade some of the processes in the background ahead of the next big update to TFF. It's safest to do this offline, so we will take the forum down for 15 minutes (ish) at 11am today. If there are no visible changes at all, it has worked! This is all in preparation...
  19. Chris F

    GB News Channel

    Do we think this will be good for farming? They seem to have the BBC in their sights and the BBC are hardly impartial in their coverage of meat and diet.
  20. Chris F

    Carbon Border Tax

    I see this is in the news again this morning. This surely has to be important for U.K. farming too? We are being burdened with ever increasing environmental standards (by 2040) yet food for overseas can be grown to any environmental standard. we have a habit of exporting our pollution in this...