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  1. Chris F

    Anyone run a t7.210

    All done for you.
  2. Chris F

    is it worth to buy apple anymore ?

    We have Macs and PCs in the office. If you spend same on windows laptop as a Mac air book then both will be good. My new ThinkPad is a great machine for £525. press and hold to delete apps by the way. When you do this on any app an “x” will appear next to every app and you can delete the ones...
  3. Chris F

    Big increase in FA subs

    Visits is a very odd stat. Never understood it’s relevance. Average read for us is about 5 pages per visit. We do about 1.5 million visits a month. We have around 260k farmers visit us each month and around 30-35k trade and associated. best estimates say about 160k Uk farmers read TFF. Bit of...
  4. Agritechnica News

    Agritechnica 2019 Gold and Silver Awards

    21. John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG (Halle 13 stand C40) Efficiency Package for Large Combine Harvesters Compared to walker combine harvesters, a further increase in performance on more powerful rotor combines is limited by the physical size of the machine. As a result, for further...
  5. Chris F

    Liberator and Alternatives

    Just a bump on this one, has anyone had a price on Golding yet?
  6. Chris F

    Old Generator For A Mighty Storm

  7. Agritechnica News

    Agritechnica 2019 Gold and Silver Awards

    17. Agrarsysteme Hornung GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 04 stand A54) Automatic All-Round Strapping Trolley Careful securing of loads is crucial when transporting agricultural bales, but the manual securing of loads with belts involves a high degree of risk for the operator and takes a great deal of...
  8. Chris F

    Pm tip

    That's a good question. I don't think it does as it stands. I will look into it to see if there is an option that allows it. Was a good feature in the old system.
  9. Chris F

    Win 10 tonnes of Nitram

    Just to confirm that the issue has been fixed that some members had entering the competition.
  10. Chris F

    Profile Reaction score?

    It based on how many reactions your posts get.
  11. Chris F

    October 2019

    The October 2019 Page from the TFF Charity Calendar. If you have a picture you want to enter in this years calendar, then you can submit them here: Enter Calendar Competition Here
  12. Chris F

    Win 10 tonnes of Nitram

    I have let CF know about the issue.
  13. Chris F

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Sorry - I missed who the supplier was. I will read back up.
  14. Chris F

    Land Rover Defender 90 County Pack only 3780 Miles

    Its an advert from 2014! they were cheap back then
  15. Chris F

    Red meat - 'twas all a bad dream

    Just as McDonalds stop selling the Double Quarter pounder with cheese - damn it!
  16. Chris F

    Copy and paste issue

    Sorry. Is is youtube that has changed and doesn't let you copy URLs. You still paste in TFF using the media icon - the one 3 to the right of the one you have circled.
  17. Chris F

    Chemical Price Tracker

    I didn't ask for the name of your buying group. Just who supplied the products your bought or were quoted on. As I said, Farm Compare is 100% anonymous so feel free to submit there if you want to know how good your buying is. Not sure why you think secrecy is good for farmers. It isn’t...
  18. Chris F

    Copy and paste issue

    I have had the same thing on latest IOS. There are three dots in top right that you can select to copy the link. The old way of doing it doesn’t work in YouTube for some reason.
  19. Chris F

    Can Formula 1 Save the Planet

    Regardless of the words being said, Lewis will be doing this to make money - I highly doubt the carbon footprint of anything sold in these restaurant will be anything like low or produced sustainably. My guess is he will make a fortune.
  20. Chris F

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Sounds like a good business to get into!

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