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  1. Yorkshire lad

    Any one else panicking

    I’m panicking 😱Mrs YL can’t find any currants in the shops to make Christmas puddings and cakes 🎂 😭 How the hell can you have Christmas without cake and puds Boris better do something quick Maybe get the RAF to fly them in
  2. Yorkshire lad

    Lorry driver shortage

    If you had done the job you would understand why drivers don’t like long tips It comes down to respect , a drivers time is irrelevant “ Your being paid so shut up “ Maybe this is why no one wants to do the job As a mate said I’ve drove for 30 years having 5 nights out a week to pay a mortgage...
  3. Yorkshire lad

    Main dealers fitters

    We had a fitter out from a main dealer last week He has been in the job for twenty years and told me he is leaving the industry after harvest . He had many reasons , pay being one but also the fact he did not feel valued or respected . He sited on example , on the dealers web site there is...
  4. Yorkshire lad

    Lorry driver shortage

    Received my call up papers in the post yesterday
  5. Yorkshire lad

    CF Fertilisers

    I’ve had an email yesterday that CF are stopping production of AN at Billingham and Ince, due to the cost of gas . It doesn’t say how long for, but it’s not good news How have government allowed one company to have all the AN production in the uk . I thought there were laws regarding monopolies
  6. Yorkshire lad

    Lorry driver shortage

    I drove for an agency 16 years ago. Making deliveries of fruit and veg to RDC’s Saturdays was £14 Sundays £15 hour A new agency came in and offered European drivers at half the rate They lived in housing supplied by the agency So today’s. rates of £20 aren’t that great I’ve give short...
  7. Yorkshire lad

    Low loader / beaver tail haulage CR5 Surrey area

    Try CPL transport Griffin Farm Appeldore Ashford Kent TN26 2BA 01233 758126 or Metcalfe Farms 01677 622193 ask for Denise or Bruce
  8. Yorkshire lad

    Need some lorry drivers quick, we must import some more?

    Chatting a driver .He said I've drove for 25 years doing 60 ish hours a week Leaving home on a Sunday night /Monday morning and not got back home until Friday \ Saturday to pay a mortgage on a house I've hardly slept in
  9. Yorkshire lad

    Loaded up and trucking!!

    I’d be amazed if he was allowed on a ferry with a load like that I’ve seen a loads refused entry on to the terminals until they shipper considers them safe to ship
  10. Yorkshire lad

    Simba free flo fan motor.

    Any good hydraulic supplier will get one I got one a few years ago from Hydrapower near York 01347 878703
  11. Yorkshire lad

    Nitrogen prices

    Has anyone bought any new season nitrogen One rep told me he has more booked than last year. Another who I tend to believe said he has very few orders yet
  12. Yorkshire lad

    Tail docking for working dogs

    Mrs YL has just had a litter of springers tail docked Two vets out of 11 in our rural practice will dock tails. One of the vets told me docking was a form of mutilation and said it should be totally banned I said is castration and spaying not a form of mutilation as this changes the...
  13. Yorkshire lad

    Loaded up and trucking!!

    Your spoilt, what a life, Driving a truck like that and spending the night in Seaton Ross Can life get any better :):)
  14. Yorkshire lad

    Noisy vehicles

    Your probably right But noise does bother me now. Bulk feed deliveries get on my nerves as well
  15. Yorkshire lad

    Noisy vehicles

    I've been in the waggon today .While in some slow moving traffic there was an Audi A3 with a custom exhaust on it at the side of me The noise from it was awfull He was being followed by various VW and Subaru's all with modified exhausts Later on I was passed by a gang Harley Davidsons...
  16. Yorkshire lad

    Merlo 40.7p things

    Yes 46 for both
  17. Yorkshire lad

    Merlo 40.7p things

    You are correct hydraulic tank is behind the cab the filter is inside the tank submerged in the oil The tank for the hydro transmission looks the same as a coolant header tank . Be carefull not to get them mixed up . Use a good quality 46 grade oil
  18. Yorkshire lad

    Wago connectors

    I’ve had some trailer lights to sort out. , I’d usually use crimp connectors or choc blocks to join the wires A mate gave me some Wago connectors to use what brilliant things they are Just push the wire in and flick the lever down Lifting the lever releases the wire again A lot it you will no...
  19. Yorkshire lad

    things that make you smile

    These little terrors all cute and mischievous until your back is turned They seem to like biting my toes