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  1. Robert

    Changing John Deere 750A 90 Series Seed Boots....

    Please can someone remind me whether it can be done independently i.e. not having to remove disc and gauge wheel etc? Thanks @Simon Chiles :)
  2. Robert

    Is that it too early to plant Extase?

    South East / direct drilled. Skyscraper too/ waiting on other seed………Thanks
  3. Robert

    Motorhome Pitch Electric Requirement

    Can anyone tell me what the total electric supply requirement would be for a 5 caravan / Motorhome pitch set up? Just investigating grid connection and need a starting value for approaching electricity supplier. Thanks
  4. Robert

    Grupa Azoty “Salestron 30” - 30N 17.5 SO3

    Anyone used this - is it ok? Need a replacement for 38.19 UreaS. On 24m Thanks
  5. Robert

    Dock Control in CSS AB8 Flower Rich Margins

    What's the nest way to keep the docks at bay, more than i'd like now in year 3. Presumably painstaking spot spraying is the only real option so as not to kill anything "flowery"? Thanks
  6. Robert

    Hemlock Water-Dropwort

    Have found some of this appear on our flooded stream banks. I read that the root is very poisonous - do I need to eradicate it or will it be left alone by the very sporadic grazing livestock we have on our grass / cover crops? Thanks
  7. Robert

    Replacement Tractor Radio with Bluetooth Hands Free?

    I am looking to replace the faulty radio in our sprayer, can anyone recommend something that also handles phone calls? Thanks
  8. Robert

    Grain Segregation: Lego Blocks Instead of Freestanding Dividers

    Are lego blocks a realistic / practical option? Want to go up to 4m high. Cheaper to buy / more of a faff to move / reposition but arguably more flexible / redeployable in the long run? Thanks
  9. Robert

    Cost of Tree Safety Survey & Report

    Trying to value a quote for the above. Whole day of an expert on site assessing tree health in areas of public liability concern (near footpaths etc) and a fully documented report stating condition and management priorities. Any price guidelines appreciated. Thanks
  10. Robert

    No Satellite Biomass Imagery Available This Year for VRA N?

    We have not had a useable satellite image since late January so are unable to do any up to date VRA N plans. Given that all these services supposedly use the same satellites, is everyone else in the same boat or am i incredibly unlucky that each of the subsequent ~ 8 passes (approx 1 per week)...
  11. Robert

    What sort of gas cylinder is this........

    ........and how do you get into it?! Thanks
  12. Robert

    How to Tone Down a Shiny New Galvanized Gate?

    We have a very smart new galvanized security gate but i would like to soften the finish and possibly go a step further and paint it black to be more suited to its surroundings. I understand that some kind of acid wash would take the shine off it significantly, possibly to the extent of leaving a...
  13. Robert

    Using a Big Grain Bucket to Fill a Small (Drill) Hopper?

    Anyone care to share any ingenious ideas / designs for achieving the above? Could buy a narrow bucket for ~ £700 but the capacity is small necessitating lots of scoops or could buy a bag / hopper filling bucket but inevitably expensive ~ £3,000?? Any simple / safe / reliable designs for adapting...
  14. Robert

    Raw Sewage Pollution Aftermath from Burst Sewage Main into Arable Field

    We suffered an incident recently whereby a sewer running in the roadside verge immediately adjacent to our land burst and properly flooded about 1ha of our adjacent wheat crop with raw sewage. Some of it receded quickly enough that i think the wheat might survive but a proportion was drowned for...
  15. Robert

    Deer Stalking Value

    How can you go about valuing annual deer stalking rights on ~ 700 acres of arable land surrounded by significant woodland? Thanks
  16. Robert

    Waste Oil Disposal Outlets / Costs?

    Just had a ludicrous quote through for disposing of ~ 700 litres of mixed waste oil from the farm workshop. What do others do / roughly what should it cost to do it properly and receive a waste transfer note? Thanks!
  17. Robert

    10 Telegraph Poles

    Good condition approx. 8m lengths preferred. Ideal delivery to Maidenhead, East Berkshire. 07967 742947
  18. Robert

    John Deere 6175R/ 6195R / 6215R Front : Rear Axle Weight Spread? (Tyre Pressures)

    Until such a time as i can get to a weigh bridge, does anyone have a guide to the weight spread between front and rear axles so we can calculate tyre pressures a bit more accurately? Thanks
  19. Robert

    Business Rates on Hard Standing for e.g. Caravan / Container Storage

    Can anyone give me an indication roughly what the business rates would be on e.g. an old open concrete (ex silage clamp area) for storage use, and also hard standing yard areas (e.g. road planing finish). Thinking either caravans or shipping containers - would the entirety of the area be rated...
  20. Robert

    "Gravel Rake" for Road Planings Hard Standing Surface?

    Got a couple of large areas i'd like to keep looking smart - anyone recommend something for this job? Haven't even experimented just yet, maybe an upside down dutch harrow would be as good as anything?!