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  1. Joshie

    Leyland 272 back end oil filler / dipstick

    Thanks everyone. Will have a look tomorow and try get it going. It's been stood for a few years. Yeh was going to stick some universal oil in it, had a drum for years and been looking for a tractor to put it in !
  2. Joshie

    Leyland 272 back end oil filler / dipstick

    Hi. Where abouts do you fill back end oil on one of these? And check the level?
  3. Joshie

    Ideas for YFC first meet

    Rounders and bbq? That's what we are doing anyway
  4. Joshie

    What are these worth?

    Yeh I'd say similar tbf. Looks decent sorts though, just a difficult age to sell them I suppose
  5. Joshie

    What are these worth?

    £500 I'd say bit difficult to see size but maybe £50 either way of 500
  6. Joshie

    Calf seizure/ meningitis?

    Hi. I have a 12 week old calf which yesterday I found it laid flat out al 4 legs stiff and straight, head floppy etc. Called vet and he came out and said maybe tetanus or meningitis. Treated with Micotil and steroid. And started a course of pen strep. Within 2 hours we managed to get it up and...
  7. Joshie

    Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops

    He comes across as a pratt, but tbf ive not seen much of his stuff and don't know him so can't comment really. Not sure if anyone else is on instragram , but what is it with all these so called farming "influencers/ ambassadors" don't get me wrong there's some great ones that I really enjoy...
  8. Joshie


    Hi. How long does lung worm survive on a pasture after cattle have been removed? Have a field which always makes them cough, but giving it a rest now but will need it soon in the next few weeks. Also, someone told me the lung worms can survive in water troughs? Any truth in that?
  9. Joshie

    Calf vaccine

    That's very interesting, sounds similar problems to what I'm encounting. Strangely enough I've just bought 4 hutches, I know it's not many but going to get some more soon. So will see how it goes. They are second hand but pretty good condition.
  10. Joshie

    Calf vaccine

  11. Joshie

    Calf vaccine

    Some are bought out the auction so unknown really, but there's a farm locally I try and get them from if possible and they don't have a problem really. So regards vaccinating. Is the general opinion to vaccinated off the trailer? I've been told two different opinions from vets
  12. Joshie

    Calf vaccine

    Well they aren't bad either, the vets who come always say they are pretty good sheds for ventilation so I don't think that's the issue really.
  13. Joshie

    Calf vaccine

    Are they covered straight away with rispoval 4? I'm willing to give it a go with next batch. Would you vaccinate straight off the trailer or leave them a few days to settle in. Sheds not bad, not perfect but they are what they are.
  14. Joshie

    Calf vaccine

    Hi. Sorry to bring up an old thread but just after some help. Seem to have a lot of bother with calves getting pneumonia that goes through the whole pen. High temperatures, bit of snott off food a little etc. Try and vaccinate with bovalto intranasal after 5 days of arrival if healthy then aim...
  15. Joshie

    Today at work

    Yeh just get two full courses of bales, on the bottom. They ride well like that.
  16. Joshie

    Today at work

    Few from the last few days, finished hay making and got it all gathered in. And my straw has been baled so been busy with that today bringing it home.
  17. Joshie

    Hay Making 2021

    Got 140 bales of good stuff made over the weekend
  18. Joshie

    Calf displaced abomasum

    Hi, Basically can calves get DA? Got a 3/4 month holstein bull calf which has heck of a belly and worried incase its a DA or if its just pot bellied. No other symptoms and eats and passes muck fine. Would there be other symptoms if it was Displaces Abomasum? Kind regards
  19. Joshie

    Rearing calves wanted

    Anyone have or know of any bucket calves for sale? Preferably angus or limi. Must be good quality high health, ideally from yorkshire or above. Tb 4 Thankyou
  20. Joshie

    Rearing calves on milk

    I'd probably just give it enough for 100 kg calf. It wont weigh that, but better to give them more than less