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  1. dragonfly

    Establishing AB15 legume mix

    I have 90 hectares of AB15 legume mix to establish immediately after harvest. I have my seed delivered and waiting in the barn. Considering the late(ish) harvest and the fact that I am following spring barley, what establishment method should I use?
  2. dragonfly

    Case Puma 200 - error code 2387

    Good morning, our Case Puma 200 has developed a fault, it won't go into reverse. It shows Error Code 2387 and a cog symbol (transmission?) Can anyone shine any light on this problem, please?
  3. dragonfly

    AB9 drilling

    Right, we've had some rain. So who is drilling AB9 now? Is it warm enough, or should we wait another week or so?
  4. dragonfly

    Sulky spreader, actuator stuck open.

    I've been busy fertilizer spreading for the last two days, putting on the final dose of nitrogen. The electric actuator on the left-hand side decided to stick open. Because we were busy, I decided to disconnect both electric actuators and tighten the aperture arms, so that the spreader reverted...
  5. dragonfly

    Merlo fork-lift tines.

    Sadly, I have bent one of my fork-lift tines for my Merlo 34.7 (not badly, but it is an inch lower that the other) So, I wish to buy one Merlo tine ( or a pair if reasonably priced). I believe these are the standard Merlo tines that hook over the round bar of the carriage. Do anyone know of one...
  6. dragonfly

    Massey 35 lift arms not going down

    I had a small yard job to do today. So I thought that I would get out the Massey 35 and give it a run. My initial concern was that the battery would be flat, but no, it started at the first touch of the key! But, when I reversed out to attach an implement, I found that the lift arms would not...
  7. dragonfly

    Kverneland/Accord marker trouble

    Just checking over the faithful KV/Accord tine drill, which I have removed from the back of the shed. The markers lift up and down perfectly on the hydraulics, but they do not move on the bout marker on the FGS control box. I don't think it is the FGS control box, as I can move on the bout...
  8. dragonfly

    Smoothing Concrete

    I have a concrete pad that has a very coarse tamped finish. I now use this area as a wash bay. The problem is, after washing down a tractor or machine, the coarse concrete finish makes it very difficult to brush up and clean the washed off soil etc. Is there a machine that I could buy/hire, that...
  9. dragonfly

    Mini Digger track sprocket

    I have a mini-digger (approx 3.5T with Kubota engine) which has a worn track sprocket. The centre hub of the sprocket that is driven by a splined shaft has its splines totally worn away. The splines on the shaft itself are not too bad. The mini-digger is quite old, but is very handy to have on...
  10. dragonfly

    Farm Tractors: Case IH - JX80

    Farm Tractors: Case IH - JX80 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: Case IH Price: £14750 Condition: Used Description: Case IH JX80 2011 2WD 2000 hrs 12 forward + 12 reverse gears 540 PTO + 540 E 2 manual spool valves Very good tyres On farm from new Price is + VAT Images: See...
  11. dragonfly

    Farm Tractors: Case IH - Maxxum 140

    Farm Tractors: Case IH - Maxxum 140 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: Case IH Price: £32000 Condition: Used Description: Case IH Maxxum 140 2011 2250 hours 4wd 40 km/h 4 manual spool valves Good tyres Telescopic pick-up hitch c/w Quicke loader + Euro headstock + 3rd Hydr service...
  12. dragonfly

    Value of Old Foden lorry

    I have an old Foden 4350 lorry parked at the bottom of my yard. Its 1991 model tractor unit, with the Eagle engine. Its been parked there for a while, but was working perfectly when parked up. Its got a V5 and is registered as an Agricultural Vehicle. I have been asked several times over the...
  13. dragonfly

    Claas Markant flywheel cover

    I am looking for a flywheel cover for my Claas Markant baler. My plastic one cracked, then fell to pieces. Flywheel covers from other makes may fit, or could be adapted. A metal one would be ideal. Can anybody help?
  14. dragonfly

    Curved Roofing sheets

    I have two Dutch Barns with curved asbestos roofs. These have a couple of holes in the roof made by the telehandler, aswell as another couple of sheets with cracks in them. Does anybody know where I can buy some replacement sheets?
  15. dragonfly

    Gilles biomass boilers

    Currently looking at biomass boilers and Gilles woodchip boilers in particular. I have been told they are very well made and thus reliable. They are Austrian after all! Does anybody have any experience of them?
  16. dragonfly

    Smithfield Show stock judging competition

    Congratulations to both Riseholme college teams, that finished 1st and 3rd in today's Smithfield Show stock judging competition. Well done! Yes, I am a proud father of one of the team. Not bad, for an arable lad!
  17. dragonfly

    No tramlines on Accord drill

    I have just purchased an Accord drill with a ESC control box. What is the easiest way to set the ESC box to NOT tramline? (I plan to put in the tramlines later using GPS)
  18. dragonfly

    Transport from near Norwich to mid-Lincs

    I need to transport a 6m cultivator from east of Norwich to mid-Lincolnshire. Anybody got any back loads or room on a load? Thanks Dragonfly
  19. dragonfly

    Duet coulters, opinions please.

    I am interested to hear the views of farmers/operators of Duet coulters fitted to Horsch drills. Any experiences, good or bad? Their performance in dry or wet (last year!) soil? Initially interested in an ordinary tine drill, how does the Duet compare? Thanks in anticipation.
  20. dragonfly

    Fertilizer on Peas

    I drilled some Marrowfat Peas about 3 weeks ago. Soil tests reveal that the field is short of Phosphorus. I have some spare DAP in the shed, which if applied would help rectify the low level of Phosphorus. However, will the 30kg/ha of Nitrogen that I will be applying in the DAP harm the peas...