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  1. Ormond

    10m Cambridge rollers

    Wanted 10m or round about, around 20” ring with breaker plus. Thanks
  2. Ormond

    Vaderstad rollers views

    Looking to buy a set of rollers, just hired up to now, the ones I hire 24” rings 8.3m do a good job especially on dry seedbeds after spring barley. Looking at a set of 10.2m vaderstad , I’d like to do more rolling on winter barley coming out of winter and these would fit well to my 20m...
  3. Ormond

    Compact tractor wheels 24” and 16”

    Looking for a set of standard wheels for a compact tractor, around 12.4” x 24” rear and 16” fronts. Six stud. It’s on turf tyres now, so looking to swap/part ex/ trade them. Thanks
  4. Ormond

    Changing drum belt Dom 105

    Need to change the vari speed drum belt on the 105 , wonder if anyone could help with a straight forward way of doing it. Similar setup to a 106 I expect. Thanks
  5. Ormond

    Claas dominator belt 629000

    Looking for the main drive belt for claas dominator 105 part original number 629000 or 4hb 2450mm.
  6. Ormond

    Manitou 630-105 issues

    I'd like to hear from anyone with a manitou know if ours is normal or called safety cut out jumps in with the slightest of weight on the front....finding operating it most of the time with my finger on the orange just keeps saying theres nothing they...
  7. Ormond

    Milk pump constant running problem

    We've a fulllwood parlour , milk pump this time of year seems to be running constantly ...due to froth.....milk probes must still be sensing......We've changed the milk pump different....wondering if anyone has had a similar issue....almost needs a float switch or something
  8. Ormond

    Lush spring barley

    I've some very lush spring barley....It's around gs 30/31....was thinking of pgr of either 1l/ccc/ha with 0.15/0.2 of moddus or canopy around 0.3/0.4....any help would be appreciated....had plenty of N so needs shortened a bit going forward and thickening of the stems as the tiller count is...
  9. Ormond

    Twisted awns winter barley

    What would cause twisted awns in winter barley. Had axial pro 2 weeks ago before awns to clean up some chickweed a couple of weeks before that. Could it be lack of boron?
  10. Ormond

    Bonding sandstone veneers to sandstone wall

    Just om repairing an inside sandstone wall at my house.... It's an exterior wall exposed in new extension. Be repaired some of the bad faced stones and cut them back and putting a slim new fave on them. Any ideas what to use to bond them to the old sandstone before re pointing? I wondered if dry...
  11. Ormond

    Spring barley BLW control and rates

    Been given a recommendation for week control in spring barley. 75g/ ha counter sx 0.3 l/ha Pixxaro Seems a heavy dose to me.....just the usual suspects to deal with and not too big atvthr moment. Advice needed. Thanks
  12. Ormond

    311 lsa pto clutch issue

    My 311 lsa pto clutch wouldnt disengage after filling the Sprayer up ....carried on to the field ....sprayed a couple of fields the it stopped driving.....level on the side of the dash won't move. Any expertsto help? Thanks
  13. Ormond

    Clocks in machines

    Why does it seem an issue to put a clock in a machine that can keep the correct time.....£60k Manitou..... Clock loses at least an hour and a half every 100 Holland.....not as bad but can't keep the a £1 watch off eBay.....probably try accurate..... Joke
  14. Ormond

    Fendt 718 gen 3 vs 718 gen 5/6

    Just wondering how the new models fair powerwise compared to each other in real life work. When we bought our 2010 718 we were encouraged to go up a size....we had an older 716 to get the same power ......let me know if you have any experience ....demo's seem to be a thing of the past around...
  15. Ormond

    Feedstar belt feed system

    Any one know much about these systems? Wonder if they are any in the UK. It's basically a rolled up belt width of your feed trough the. Is pulled out as you feed onto it . I have a slatted shed that this would be ideal for
  16. Ormond

    NH t7 not reaching 50k

    T7 200 sometimes only reaching 47k road speed any ideas?
  17. Ormond

    Manitou fault code

    Have a 2015....629 Manitou. Fault code. 5571...Spn 1*07.fmi Any ideas? Slight lack of power going up hills. Is it the rail pressure area? Thanks
  18. Ormond

    Manhole concrete ring 2100mm x 1000m deep...price approx

    Looking for an approximate price on a new above concrete manhole's to go around a sewage treatment plant to increase the ground level. Thanks
  19. Ormond

    Hitch-tronic bosch help needed fendt 311ls

    Fendt 311, 1985, the electronic lift has developed an issue.....both lights are on, the up and down on the terminal, inside the hitch tronic circuit board, the relay is tripping in and out very fast.....any help appreciated
  20. Ormond

    Manitou camera

    Anyone know if you can link a camera into the 7" screen on a 630 Manitou?