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  1. DieselRob

    Stubble turnip variety

    Usually grow Samson, can’t seem to get any Samson seed as no carry over from last year. What variety would you recommend instead?
  2. DieselRob

    Navara NP300 4x4 issue

    When you put your navara in 4wd does it drive smoothly when turning? Mine feels like there is something binding up making it not go round smoothly or as tight as you’re steering, in at Nissan garage and they think it is normal but I’m sure it wasn’t like this from new
  3. DieselRob

    Variable weight, weight block

    I’m looking at options for the above to get from as light as possible up to around 1750kg, something that I can alter depending how on the application plus a bit of tool storage as well, so far looked at the Agriweld vari weight with the lift out wings and also the Rytec weightbox with a belly...
  4. DieselRob

    Store lamb management

    Normally I'm an October to March long keeper of store lambs but this year I've jumped in the fire pit to try some short keep lambs to have turned over by mid Sept/October Long keep I dectomax and fluke everything but this wouldn't be suitable for short keep, they were ovivac-p treated 2 and a...
  5. DieselRob

    Wide spacing cereal crops... pictures please

    As above really, I know there are various people who post in the direct drilling photo gallery thread but I was hoping some could share pictures throughout the growing season, this 1 especially, of crops grown at 250mm spacing (or there abouts) It isn't really the year to be able to go cruising...
  6. DieselRob

    How big is your working dog's pen?

    Just curiosity on the subject really, does it make much of a difference to their behaviour. Before I got my first collie the dogs here used to be on a 10ft ish chain from their kennel, the 2 I've had are in pens instead, 1 pen is about 8ft square with a kennel in the corner, the other is a...
  7. DieselRob


    I'm looking for a bit of education on growing oats, other than a few wild oats about the farm I've not had anything to do with them. Winters or spring? If springs then they would go in behind a grazed catch crop, if winters would there be enough time to establish a meaningful cover crop pre...
  8. DieselRob

    Domestic LPG

    Currently out of contract with flogas, going to give them a call about fixing another price but who else should I be speaking to? It's their own tank so how easy/feasible is it to switch supplier?
  9. DieselRob

    Mobile phone contract deals

    Any suggestions on who to go to for multiple device deals? Possibly looking for 2 smart phones, a tablet and 4g broadband. Probably looking at all iphone/iPad due to compatibility and sharing across devices. I've been looking at uswitch which shows the best single item deals but is there...
  10. DieselRob

    Trailer floatation tyre choices

    560/60r22.5 options Michelin Cargoxbib or BKT FL693? Price is very similar, only £50 more for the michelin. Are they still the better tyre? 1 lasting memory of following a laden trailer round a tight yard on Michelins and they looked like they were going to pull off the rim, speaking to the...
  11. DieselRob

    Compost... a half ar*ed effort

    I've got a heap of broiler muck and I've also got a load of old bales that used to be a beet clamp, I understand that true compost requires timely turning to make but what would happen if I mixed these bales and muck together and left them, would the end result be anything worthwhile? The muck...
  12. DieselRob

    1st trial of DD this spring, good idea or bad?

    Would it be fair to draw conclusions from machinery demos across all types (disc, tine, strip till) this spring? I had got it in to my head that it would be the best time to trial different systems but coming from a plough/min till (in rotation) system to no till would the soil be in a fair...
  13. DieselRob

    Bucket brush recommendations

    As above, any better than others? I'll be mounting it on a 7ft 6in 2 cube bucket if that makes a difference to different brands. Thanks
  14. DieselRob

    Hay/haylage feeder for store lambs

    What cradle type feeder would you recommend for 4ft round bales and 5ft6 3x3 square bales? Looked at IAE, Ritchie and Advantage online but some real user knowledge would be handy, thanks
  15. DieselRob

    Do you still use your landline?

    After years of trying to persevere with broadband through the phone line I have now signed up to satellite broadband, we are just too far from the green box exchange to get a consistent reliable broadband service. The question is do I bother to pay line rental, I can't remember the last time I...
  16. DieselRob

    What causes dusty hay?

    As per title really, I've been making hay for 5 years or more on my own and have always made some really nice stuff but just opened a couple of bales made 12 weeks ago and its dusty, moisture meter said sub 16% when it was made, what have I done wrong? Or what is the science behind it?
  17. DieselRob

    Over winter cover crop

    What cover crop would you recommend following winter barley and before spring beans? No osr in the rotation. Suggested so far is white mustard
  18. DieselRob


    I've got Nufol in the tank at the moment to go on milling wheats, today is forecast to get up to high teens temperatures so not too high but the sun is bright and theres not a cloud in the sky, am I safe applying it or is it a crack of dawn job?
  19. DieselRob

    Pressure washer drainer jetter attachment

    Does such a thing exist? Just for cleaning yard drains. I use a Mac Avant which is around 11/12lpm at 100bar
  20. DieselRob

    Mulch deck mowers

    After some low life scum stole my ride on mower I'm looking at options for a new 1. The previous machine was a mountfield tractor style, deck underneath and a collector. But that never got used as I made my own chute to just spread the grass. I never used to mow the farmyard grass as often as...