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  1. Romeogolf

    New Holland tx66 - what’s it worth?

    Looking for sensible valuations of my New Holland TX 66 which sadly may be for sale this year. 1998 but registered 2004 2700 threshing hours 20ft auto level header & trolley Auto levelling sieves 650 tyres Later type flip up rotary screen Electric mirrors and cameras etc Chopper Chaff spreader...
  2. Romeogolf

    Fastrac 4220 towing ability

    Following my thread regarding the disappointing performance of my Claas arion 650 when towing recently, I come to you again with a question for fastrac owners. Regularly towing near the maximum legal weight is becoming the norm more and more, and the fastrac appeals to me for many other reasons...
  3. Romeogolf

    Row crop wheels

    10 stud row crop wheels and tyres x4. 270/95 r38 tyres, between 30% and 40% remaining, rims in good condition. Came off a chafer mirage
  4. Romeogolf

    Claas arion 650 disappointing performance

    I took my new low loader and excavator on a trip today which was within, but close, to the legal limit. I found that the weight didn’t boss the tractor, but the performance on hills was dreadful. I haven’t done much heavy hauling with it, but couldn’t believe how gutless it was, down to 12k on...
  5. Romeogolf

    Low loader for 14T excavator

    Looking for a low loader to move a 14t machine around. Before I look to new, has anyone got one surplus to requirements?
  6. Romeogolf

    Credit where it’s due.... UTV products

    A short while ago I commented on another thread regarding the value for money of Martin’s UTV products, combination LED headlamps. I was sceptical as to whether they were worth the price tag attached to them, so Martin kindly offered me a trial of the units to see for myself. The pictures below...
  7. Romeogolf

    Farm Excavator 8-13t

    Looking for a digger to leave at a block of land to sort out ditches and tracks etc. Doesn’t need to be pretty, but mechanically cared for. Would like to spend no more than £5k so I am aware of the kind of machine I should expect. Thanks
  8. Romeogolf

    Trimble field IQ

    Trimble field IQ for sale. Purchased as a complete set up with steering however the field IQ is of no use to me as I went another route. Previous owner had it doing auto section on a Bateman, and whilst my knowledge only extends to the end of this post, he assures me that I had all the relevant...
  9. Romeogolf

    Wild oats in Spring Barley

    I have a block of land in SB, HSS drilled with the Freeflow straight into overwintered cultivation after it greened up and was sprayed off. Seed came from very clean block on a separate farm, the aim was a cheap grow. Where I drilled has historically been bad for wild oats, so I succumbed to the...
  10. Romeogolf

    Claas Arion Trimble ez pilot boss

    Looking for a Trimble ez pilot platform kit for a Claas Arion 650
  11. Romeogolf

    Trimble fm750, ez steer or pilot.

    Any used Trimble system required.
  12. Romeogolf

    Jcb TM300 steering issue

    Good morning, I have a Jcb TM300 which is showing some interesting symptoms. Some time ago, my dealer replaced the accumulator responsible for releasing the pressure on the third service at the headstock as this had failed. Ever since that day, the orbital in the steering column has been...
  13. Romeogolf

    From Self propelled, to trailed, back to Self propelled sprayer

    Curious to know if anyone has gone from self propelled sprayer, to trailed, and then back to self propelled and been pleased they did. This does not need to be a comparison thread discussing the merits of each. I went from a self propelled, to a 28m trailed with larger tank on a 200hp tractor...
  14. Romeogolf

    Hardi Commander section control with Trimble

    Good evening, I have a Hardi Commander 3200i spec trailed sprayer with 28m booms and 9 boom sections. I run a Trimble FM750 with autosteer on RTX and would like to gain auto section control by making them talk to each other. I have steering, auto boom height and rate, so auto section control...
  15. Romeogolf

    Simba Freeflow fan conversion

    Afternoon all, Whilst waiting for the spring, I have been looking into converting the fan on my 4m Freeflow from a pto pump to a spool connection. I already have a 3/4 return in the tractor for the sprayer, and wish to make use of that as a return. Has anyone else done this, and if so have...
  16. Romeogolf

    Electricity companies damaging ground

    This recent storm has brought down a telegraph pole on a block of land I farm. The pole In question has been looking unsafe for a long time now, and it is of no surprise to me that the wind brought it down. The electricity company contacted me in June last year to gain access, but as the fields...
  17. Romeogolf

    Nozzle identification

    Good afternoon, Recently acquired a couple of sets of nozzles. Unsure as to what they are, if anyone could help identify and perhaps suggest a chart which may accompany them I’d be grateful. The green ones are amistar nozzles but I am unsure if the pressure chart of green guardian air...
  18. Romeogolf

    New Holland tx66 settings

    Dear all, I wonder if I could glean any words of wisdom from users of the above combine as regards to threshing settings. I have a new to me TX66 this year, and although I have book settings to work from, I would be grateful of any assistance you may be able to offer. I will be cutting OSR...
  19. Romeogolf

    Simba Freeflow

    Good morning, I’m on the look out for a tidy 4m Simba Freeflow drill. I remember there being a couple on here but sadly cannot remember the names of the people who had them. Thanks
  20. Romeogolf

    Claas Arion 650 injector problems

    Good evening. My 2015 Claas Arion 650 brought up fault code 7765 yesterday, and started running a bit rough. I changed the 2 fuel filters which dismissed the warning light and error code but it returned within 30 mins of operation. Dealer diagnosed injector number 2 failure this morning via...