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    Cam clutch not tripping out.

    Hi , the cam clutch on one of the pottinger wagons is not cutting out when over loaded by a lump, I took it apart last year and cleaned and greased it , how do I solve this issue before it bursts something else.
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    Two axle versus three axles.

    Hi , I have a pottinger 7210 wagon on two axles , this model is very popular on three axles on the continent, are three axles better or worse for following around tight corners. Thinking of going to three axles, are they worth it. Pros and cons of both please.
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    Valtra S series

    How good or bad are the valtra S series , I see plenty of Ts and Ns selling and for sale secondhand but the S series seem very rare , I know the first of them were giving plenty of trouble , how are they going now and are the 350-400 hp models selling many.
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    So the deal is done with no tariffs on imported food ,

    How will uk farmers compete against imports without European subsidies, have the government done any deal to support farmers.
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    Jcb 530/70 won’t reverse.

    Hi my jcb 530/70 stopped reversing yesterday , would still go forward but no reverse, then I stopped it and it won’t start, with the key on if I put it into reverse the reversing buzzer comes on. Where do I start looking to solve this . Thanks.
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    Valtra t214 v 254

    Why is there a big price differance in a 214 and a 254 , there the same tractor except for the pto power, has anyone bought a 214 and tuned it up to a 254, Also the pros and cons of deleting add blue on a valtra.
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    B and B tractors Nottinghamshire.

    I’ve a friend thinking about buying a near new tractor from this company, I never heard of them before , are they all above board , I’ve no reason to think their not , just I havnt come across them before.
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    Question for mechanics

    If you are fitting a manifold and a new turbo do you use new bolts or reuse the old ones, a good mechanic I know will only use the proper new bolts , says the old ones can be pulled and might not stay tight.
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    Agrimaster mulcher

    I’m looking for a mulcher , I can get an agrimaster 2.6 MT , it hasn’t got the side shift , but on this size I don’t think it’s necessary , are there a good machine or are other brands any better.
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    Anyone hear of Tom Fleet machinery.

    I came across this website with very good value machines , some nearly too good to believe . , anyone hear of him.
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    Arbocut saw head trouble

    I have a saw head on the 13t. I bought it new and it has been trouble from day one . This week the motor went in bits . It only has about 150 hrs work done . Why would this go in bits . The manufacture won't stand over it either.
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    New grain store

    I have a friend who is planning a new grain store , 60m x40m , he is looking for advice on underfloor ventalation systems , what is the best and easyiest way to do this and what would it cost and if any of you shed suppliers want to quote for the vent system or roof construction you are welcome...
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    Forum is hard to find

    yesterday I had no problem finding this forum , but tonight is has gotten harder to find , your opposition keeps comming up first , has anyone else noticed this , or what name is the best to google to find it.
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    new mower with no conditioner

    I see a good few new 3m mounted mowers being sold with no conditioners , I have started to spread and rake the grass , so do I need a conditioner any more , will a 3m mower with no conditioner be lighter and easier to run , if it leaves the grass almost full width to wilt and then I rake it will...