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  1. Gapples

    Bobcat Telehandler T2556 charging

    Hi guys, my mate is a self employed agricultural engineer & he is struggling with a charging fault on this 2008 Bobcat. Would anyone have a wiring diagram for the charging system on one of these machines please ? Basically it burnt out the old alternator, he fitted a new one but it wouldn't...
  2. Gapples

    Macmillan Cancer support

    Hi Hope this is ok to put on here ? If not please just delete. My wife Kerry is starting a charity challenge today. 6 marathons in 7 days on a cross trainer ! That's right, 42 km each of the 6 days. A mad challenge but she's up for it I hope. Kerry was diagnosed with breast cancer last year &...
  3. Gapples

    Manitou 25B door handle.

    Hi Would anyone know where you could buy door handles for these old forklifts please ? This is the type fitted, it's a LHS one required though.
  4. Gapples

    Bobcat T2556 boom hydraulic fault

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has experience on these machines & could help my mate who landed one to repair. The only services working on this machine are ... Boom up & locking pins in. Nothing else works ! Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Gapples

    DB 1690 manual transmission

    Hi Making an enquiry to see if anyone is breaking a DB 1690 with a manual gearbox. I know a bloke who's after a complete 1690 manual transmission. Gearbox Casting it sits in. Lid Drop box. Cheers.
  6. Gapples

    Claas quadrant 1100/1150

    Hi guys Know someone looking for one of these s/h, if anyone knows of a good one for sale please let me know, I'll pass on the information. Cheers
  7. Gapples

    Dash cams

    Not sure if this is the right page to put this on ? But has anyone bought a dash cam recently they could recommend on ease of setting up, clarity & of course price, seems a bit of a minefield, from ultra cheap to quite expensive ! I think it's time Mrs Gapples & I got kitted up with them, looks...
  8. Gapples

    Claas combine training manuals

    Hi As I no longer require my old training manuals I may as well sell them, if I can. I have training manuals for Claas Dom 105, 85, 6 range, 8 range, Mega & 4 series Lexion. Please pm me if interested Cheers. PS I also have many old IH & CNH manuals although I sold quite a few of them now.
  9. Gapples

    All season tyres

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on all season tyres on soft roaders ? Got a Honda crv recently & it's fitted with continental cross contact summer tyres, very good tyres but will need replaced at some point soon. Also they are shockingly poor on greasy or frosty roads. My last 4x4 was a...
  10. Gapples

    Service training manuals IH, CaseIH & Claas.

    Hi The time has come to sell my training manuals. I have quite a lot covering many models of IH, CaseIH & Claas, plus a few other machines as well. If anyone's interested I'll be putting them on eBay over the next few weeks. Today I have put on an IH 56 series manual A 74/84 series manual An MX...
  11. Gapples

    Ruston 12.5 HP 2 cylinder air cooled engine

    Hi My mate & I have been landed with one of these old engines to rebuild, its been half stripped & left. We need info on torque settings, head shimming ( if required ) valve settings etc. Also do any of you guys know someone who will supply parts for an old engine like this ? Thank you.
  12. Gapples

    MB track 1000 wanted

    Hi I have a mate looking for an mb track 1000 or possibly up to a 1300 Please leave details I can pass on if anyone knows of one for sale or coming up soon Thank you