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    More to it than that, never had trouble, never used nematocide , lost 50% of a block of piper to them on a field which is a bit too steep/awkward/variable soils so only on it's second potato crop in 25 years. Been subsoiled twice in the last 6 years,otherwise nothing deeper than 3", and had...
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    IH Mccormick 624

    523 and 624 shared operators book if that helps....will look, may have one if you want?
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    JD550W combine

    I like the sound of thousands of tonnes, still we are moving again here, short days near the salt water though. The last older JD had levelling only to control cutter at but this one has hight sensors each end so stubble hight is pretty much as it should be....... We plan to have a measure up...
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    JD550W combine

    Blimey! That's one I hadn't thought of, liquid, mostly DD so not following tramlines a lot of the time.
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    JD550W combine

    I did smile when I read about the paint, JD would be proud of that theory and looking at my rubbish pic maybe......but too clear when you look at the machine, she is putting more straw out of that side. we could see it at the end of last season but not clearly enough to mention. headlands cut...
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    JD550W combine

    Just as a curiosity, any ideas why our two year old combine is wearing the paint one side more than the other? It is a hillmaster but watching it there is nothing to suggest it is biased one way, surely it would need to be obviously off level to make such a difference?
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    silo Grain stirrers

    We have used stirrers in 120t bins with a constant humidity burner for 20 years and a few years ago I put a couple of 300t bins up with stirrers. For some reason their drying seems to be a lot less predictable in the bigger bins, despite the variables being relatively similar. We seldom cut...
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    Straw rake on mole plough?

    We used to do moleing for an old boy who was a convert to direct drilling in the '70s and bought an IH511 drill. He carried on after burning and the land just got harder and harder to work as he struggled with it. Between my boss and myself we tried just about every combination of straight disc...
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    New toy day

    Yes but someone needs to come up with a clever plan to keep those flaps from swinging back and sitting out of the way, if you use our Maschio, which looks very similar on end you can see rather more of what's going on than seems sensible.
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    Spring barley poor germination,

    We have a short disc, partly bought with that job in mind but it doesn't really work as well as you would hope shallower than 3-4"- way more disturbance than I'm after. We have tried a Carrier a couple of times before but found we needed a bigger tractor to pull a trailed machine than I want to...
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    Spring barley poor germination,

    Was the overdrilled bit of headland better? We keep finding some fields are slow to germinate /patchy but the ground moved twice (albeit only by the drill) is better. It only shows in spring cropping here......tempts me to do a minute amount of cultivation????
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    Potato crop 2021

    Various local(ish) merchants
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    Potato crop 2021

    Just got started here, about a week late so lucky not later what with the frosts an' all. M.Bard, not very even, a bit to do with frost and a bit from trying to irrigate over polythene, never ideal.
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    Pidgeons on sugar beet

    Interested to hear what others say, they are more trouble in beet than ever before here. yes there is less osr but we are light land and never grew it here, I don't think there are more pigeons about but just have developed a sweet tooth. I have a cunning plan but am signed in for next year so...
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    What kind of bed tiller do I need?

    I think skids or wheels would be easy to sort, mostly the tractor carries some weight rather than the ridgers anyway.
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    What kind of bed tiller do I need?

    Any number of used 1700 bed tillers about ex potato bed ahead of destoner, many had option of blades or spikes. Find one without the ridging bodies and it won't be any more expensive than an ancient rotavator.
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    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    Also worth renewing the sealing ring/washer on the spinner shaft in the hopper regularly, once that's worn the fert will work it's way into the bevel box. Apparently "most" people fit new each year, though it doesn't come new with a bag full of spares nor did we guess it was a good idea.
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    New Tates

    I'd rather they got on and sold them early, If we are lucky and have something mid May then easy to sell against there stuff which is passed it/big/ugly.
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    Potato Pest

    Would it be possible to place nematicide into the ridges and re-ridge??
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    Potato price 2018

    don't panic, there's been a week (at least) delay in the new crop thanks to the last week of frosts, more to come they say:(