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  1. David.

    Where to find a light switch

    I'd be surprised if it isn't Hella. Auto electric place in town will have an account with them. You tend to get what you pay for, tbh.
  2. David.

    Higher FBTs and larger first payments to the landowners on CFA's.

    Heard of a local one taken the other day, and it seems there are some very keen and very optimistic lads about. Fair play to them, if they are correct it will be similarly good for the rest of us. And if they are not; well then, we can nod sagely, and pretend that of course we knew all along...
  3. David.

    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    Blowing your nose first, and thus wetting the bog-roll, does bring with it unpleasant possibility of "finger through the paper syndrome".
  4. David.

    Pins and cat3 balls nicked off maschio accord drill South Hereford.

    That is my mainest concern buying at online auction, at least if you are there you can remove the walkable bits at the hammer's fall.
  5. David.

    New lamb weigher

    Do Pharmweigh still make their basic electronic open topped weigh crate, always thought they were about as good as it gets.
  6. David.

    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    Bought a caravan, so we don't have to do international flights :rolleyes:. People have been ploughing for millenia, why is it suddenly any worse than it ever has been? Certainly isn't likely to be more ploughed worldwide than 100yrs ago, and the world is supposed to have gone to crap in that...
  7. David.

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    The modern equivalent could burn US woodchip and still be carbon neutral.
  8. David.

    Still waiting for WW seed?

    Are there not any other cleaners about who are thankful of the work?
  9. David.

    fertilizer crisis

    Don't forget 2 yrs ago, when they pulled the stunt of not wanting to allow you to cancel some of your order in response to not getting planted up. Then to to drop the price £20 ton when the all orders were in.
  10. David.

    Gregoire besson - can’t get parts?!

    @Robt Did GB not handle Rabe parts at the end? Do you happen to know who handles the Rabe stuff now please?
  11. David.

    Shooting Foxhounds.

    Because the public will keep believing the line that the media feed them; that badgers are benevolent, avuncular characters, lovable and cuddly and harmless. Rather than the truth, that these mustelids are voracious apex predators, largely responsible for the decimation of hedgehogs, peewits and...
  12. David.

    Best straight from stubble tilth seed bed maker?

    Agree, plough it or DD it, little point in anything in between. Too many of these tools can leave you trying to drill into 3" of slurry on top of concrete. I have a Delta, and by the time you have done 2 passes, you might as well have ploughed the crap under and had a clean start, and broken the...
  13. David.

    fertilizer crisis

    If I was a business that used a lot of gas, I would have tried to hedge as much as I cold afford, and then some more, at last years giveaway prices. Surely they did so?
  14. David.

    Retractable air line reel and electric extension cable

    Needed to be 2.5mm 16a to be workshop spec really
  15. David.

    Extase potential problems

    But disappointing for the club members nonetheless. And I am about to plant a ton of Astronomer:banghead:. Though to have a Cougar for a granny might be amusing and not entirely a bad thing.....
  16. David.

    COP26 ... Your predictions

    Air travel for frivolous reasons to be banned. Results from atmospheric testing demonstrate unbelievable reductions in CO2 over last 18mths. Anyone else noticed how the skies are filling up again?
  17. David.

    COP26 ... Your predictions

    News yesterday was doing it's best to encourage panic buying of Chinese crap for Christmas.
  18. David.

    Shooting Foxhounds.

    Indeed, how so?
  19. David.

    F-ing Spring Beans

    Chuffing heck.
  20. David.

    fertilizer crisis

    If they won't buy at £400, ask them £600 :rolleyes: .