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  1. Rob_AD

    Profi Plus

    I am looking at a 5 year old Fendt 516 Profi Plus, can anyone tell me what I would need to buy to make it steer and apply fert using variable rate maps? It currently has no receiver on the roof but it is Profi Plus which has the 10” screen and I believe it to be steering ready.
  2. Rob_AD

    Need a Jetter

    What’s what in the world of Jetter’s - been pricing Sieger (Agrifac), Mastenbroek, Homburg and Mitchel-Rowlands (S-S) Are there any second hand machines around that could be bought, to save going new? And would you go Hydraulic powered or Mastenbroek which runs much higher water pressure and...
  3. Rob_AD

    Is there such thing as an air spanner?

    We have a machine with over 100 blades (a Ransomes scarifier) and the access is pathetic to change them, the gap between each blade is too narrow for a socket so they have to be changed with a spanner. We do them with a ratchet spanner which is ok but still painfully slow. Is there any other...
  4. Rob_AD

    First time plough

    What plough, 150 acres a year roughly half/half spring and winter crop. Land is medium clays, high rainfall area, ground conditions can be all over the place in any given year. Previous share farming arrangement is ending, and don't want to use a contractor. Don't have any previous ploughing...
  5. Rob_AD

    What 150hp+ appreciating classic

    Looking for an extra tractor, main job to drive a lagoon mixer, needs 150hp and won't do many hours in a year. Age and road capabilities not important. Main criteria is that it won't depreciate and may in fact gain value over time, perhaps after a little restoration work, what would you go...
  6. Rob_AD

    Merlo Busted Gearbox

    Our Merlo has broken a tooth and smashed a bearing which has in turn damaged the casing for the hi/lo gearbox It’s a 2010 P55.9, any idea if the box is shared with other models and who might be worth trying for one? There’s a 2016 32.6plus local to me but it’s fire damaged so not ideal. Here’s...
  7. Rob_AD

    Kemppi or R Tech

    Thinking about a new inverter arc welder and have narrowed it down to either a Kemppi Minarc 180 or R Tech 175 Has anyone got either? I have the Kemppi Minarcmig Evo 200 and absolutely love it but I have also heard brilliant reports on R Tech which is less than half the price The one odd thing...
  8. Rob_AD

    Deutz air cooled

    Can anyone help, a friend of mine (80 years old!) has a Mastenbroek trencher with a Deutz 6cyl air cooled engine. The trencher is going great but the engine is burning a lot of oil, to the point he has taken it out. He bought a Deutz V8 from a combine but has now found the bell housings aren’t...
  9. Rob_AD


    Farming 180 acres cereals, currently in a share farming arrangement which is coming to an end. Going forward have to decide whether to buy a sprayer or use a contractor. In this area most contractors are silage and slurry focused, so spraying is secondary... What would you do? Is a second...
  10. Rob_AD

    Disco commerical converted?

    Seeing a few Disco 4 Commercials which have been converted to full interiors online. Are there any downsides to buying one; are they lower bhp? Do they need a psv rather than an mot? Do they have any insurance issues? Obvs the reason I am looking, is they are priced cheaper than an equivalent HSE!!
  11. Rob_AD

    What sort of hitch is this

    Got one of these on our Merlo, can anyone tell me what it is called as I would like to sell it online. I’ve googled “euro hitch” and “auto coupling” but they don’t return any results similar to mine. Would it be the same as what’s used on a rigid lorry? It’s spring loaded
  12. Rob_AD

    Rye Take All

    Has anyone seen take all in Rye? We have been growing it for 5 years and now see it in our crop as confirmed by the lab report below. The history of one block of ground is as follows: Up to 2015 Permanent Grassland 2016 Winter Rye 2017 Winter Rye 2018 Spring Triticale - take all observed 2019...
  13. Rob_AD

    What stick welder?

    Looking a new inverter Arc, really like Kemppi stuff but their Minarc 180 is only rated to 170 amps for stick welding, will this be enough for welding say 12mm plate? Other problem is the price of it! Any other suggestions? Currently have a 200 amp SIP which has done well but looking something...
  14. Rob_AD

    Amazone ZA TS border spreading

    We have an Amazone ZA-TS, it throws a lot of fertiliser over the hedge on boundary setting. It’s on the big TS3 discs so we are wondering if that would be the problem, the discs are for 24m to 54m. When spreading the boundary, we drive 12m from the boundary anti clockwise and have the right hand...
  15. Rob_AD

    Sumo GLS with trio legs?

    Has anyone fitted arable legs to a Sumo GLS? Are they worth the additional expense (around £200 x 4)
  16. Rob_AD

    Digestate for maize

    We are putting in maize for the first time, and have 4000 gallons digestate to the acre available which will supply all of the crop requirement on NPK. I’m concerned that if we apply this to the current stubbles and it gets ploughed down, the crop won’t see the benefit of it. How do people...
  17. Rob_AD

    Drainage and pumping scheme

    We have recently acquired a 40 acre block of land. There is a sheugh which collects the water off all three fields but it always lies full due to the outlet being into a neighbouring system which ultimately relies on low tide at sea to let the water get away - the system is complicated and just...
  18. Rob_AD

    Duals on grass

    Has anyone tried dual wheels for grassland slurry application? We always run 710s at low pressure but ground conditions at present are horrendous with little signs of improvement on the horizon. At some point we will HAVE to spread and the clock’s ticking to get the nutrient on for the first...
  19. Rob_AD

    G Lime

    What's the consensus on G Lime vs Quarry Lime. We use a contractor to apply variable rate quarry lime using GPS maps, but have suffered compaction from the weight of the machine particularly when applied onto ploughed ground. Also, availability of the contractor for this specialist job has...
  20. Rob_AD

    Reclaimed Welsh Slate

    Has anyone used reclaimed slate? I see tonnes of it for sale of varying qualities but have never managed to find a single person who has ever used it. I have researched it and come up with all the same advice - be careful where you buy it, make sure it's all off a single roof, etc etc But I...