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  1. Charles Quick

    Wholecrop Rye In May

    Can it be done? Will be going in after OSR so could be drilled quite early. I'd like to get it off and put maize in immediately after. OK the grain won't be very filled out, if at all, but would it work if it was mown, wilted and picked up like a grass crop? Would anyone buy it? I'd like to do...
  2. Charles Quick

    Claas GPS Pilot - Third Party GPS?

    Got a friend with a Lexion 760 which keeps losing fix with the built in receiver, as the grain tank shades out half the sky, leaving only 3 or 4 GPS sats visible (no option for other constellations in this model) Is it possible to use a third party receiver with the GPS/CEMOS display in the cab...
  3. Charles Quick

    Broadway Star Performance 2021

    Performance has been utterly pants on Sterile brome this year. Previous years it kills most of them, but always leaves a few stunted plants to return seed and continue the cycle. This year there are healthy plants all over the crop. Do I just put it down to the cold April allowing the brome to...
  4. Charles Quick

    Glass Milk Receiver

    I'm after a graduated glass milk receiver. Specific size not important as long as it has accurate markings, preferably with some sort of mounting cradle. Ideally within the Somerset/Taunton area. Thanks.
  5. Charles Quick

    Nitrogen and Cover Crops

    Evening all, Drilling wheat today into a cover crop following OSR, I noticed this: (apologies for the blurry photos) This patch is where wheat was topped off in June 2019 due to excessive sterile brome. The following OSR didn't really establish, so the N applied to this area hasn't been used...
  6. Charles Quick

    Maize drill and/or front tank

    I'm looking for a maize drill, for a low-disturbance subsoiler drill conversion/experiment in direct drilled maize. The machine i'm looking for would need to have at least 5 working row units and fan, box etc. The toolbar and mounting is not important. (It could be a pile of units ripped off a...
  7. Charles Quick

    Second tractor - which tyre!?

    Afternoon all, Due to circumstances we have decided to replace the tyres on our 20 year old MF6290. It was on Michelin XM108, 650/65/R38 rears and 540/65/R28 fronts. Great tyres in my opinion. Now our front-line tractor, an MF7480 is on identically sized Multibibs, 60% worn. Again decent tyres...
  8. Charles Quick

    Any crop worth drilling in June?

    I've got a field of poor linseed + multi-resistant wild oats. I'll be taking the nuclear option soon with 3 litres of glyphosate. Of course it's a great opportunity to get a big cover crop in, but is there anything I can drill that might even come close to washing its face? Would it be worth a...
  9. Charles Quick

    Lexion vs Rats

    So the rats chewed the cable leading to the top sieve actuator on our 630 Montana. I made up a new cable, however the motor will not move. I can get a position reading but I am unable to adjust it or calibrate. The bottom sieve works fine. Whipped the actuator off and tested it on the bench and...
  10. Charles Quick

    C4 cover crops

    Probably mad to think this, but... Are C4 plants a good choice for summer established cover crops? Not necessarily maize, thinking more along the lines of millet/sorghum which would work better in a small seed mix. Very water efficient so should be able to get established in late July after...
  11. Charles Quick

    Antarctica 2018-19

    So this winter I headed down with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to Rothera research station as a vehicle operator, for 6 months between October and March. The lesser known of the large BAS stations, it is situated on the western edge of the British Antarctic claim. It has capacity for up to...
  12. Charles Quick

    Harvest 2015 at Farmcare

    Haven't had much to do at uni this past week, so I thought I'd make another video about what I did over summer. Hope you enjoy! (y)
  13. Charles Quick

    Farmcare Harvest 2015

    Short video of my summer working at Farmcare in Goole. Hope you enjoy :)