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  1. Alistair Nelson

    Gregoire besson - can’t get parts?!

    I am Pretty sure Stewart Peckitt Captain Slack on here the ferobide man will have a decent heap of Gregoire parts as he’s also trading wearing metal abit as well look him up on Facebook he usually posts photos of what he’s acquired on his travels.
  2. Alistair Nelson

    Managing Flat 8's as efficiently as possible

    So what are you using to stack the 56's any details or photos? don't you get into bother trying to get the side gates out when your putting 2 stacks next to each other? I take it your only going 2 packs high 14 courses? are you doing anything else to tie things in etc to make things stable etc...
  3. Alistair Nelson

    Managing Flat 8's as efficiently as possible

    AS the title suggests having to go back to flat 8's with little bales, would have loved a Bale packer of one type or another but just couldn't justify one. So back to flat 8's how are people managing, getting them into the yard and stacked into the dutch barn (No fast side) as efficiently as...
  4. Alistair Nelson

    Class Arion users - any good?

    The Renault Cab suspension was really the first across the board std commercial cab suspension system in the 90's and was really good our first ones were purely cab suspension. They then added front axle suspension after that as it became available with the Carraro hydraulic quad link front...
  5. Alistair Nelson

    8 wheeler Tipping trailer build

    Been involved in doing a couple best bet is to take purely the allybody off the wagon leave the rest more bother than it’s worth and then put a sub frame underneath and then put the rams onto the subframe like a conventional ag trailer and then build a conventional chassis underneath with the...
  6. Alistair Nelson

    Front hopper build

    Top job, looks amazing, nice one. Dare I ask how much it stands you to? So the million dollar question what would you differently next time? cheers Alistair
  7. Alistair Nelson

    Flexi coil

    There are only 3 machines in the country that can make the raw coil flexicoils, cousins and grangewoods (Blench). cousins do there's slightly differently to flexicoil in that they well the supports to the axle tube. the original flexicoils which were manufactured in Canada were done like that...
  8. Alistair Nelson

    Flexi coil

    That’s a cousins made coil you can buy the raw coil thread it in and cut it to length no problem. Give them a ring.
  9. Alistair Nelson

    Retrofitting Autosteer.

    Are you still controlling the spreader with the Agleader? Talk to Derek he should be able to do something using the same screen and reveiver
  10. Alistair Nelson

    Class Arion users - any good?

    We’ve run them and various Renaults prior to that and been happy had odd problem but nothing out the ordinary in my eyes 2nd only to a fastrac for operator comfort. Maintenance package and extended warrantee very good value as well.
  11. Alistair Nelson

    Subsoiler/Power Harrow Combination

    Saw that on the oak fields site interesting idea
  12. Alistair Nelson

    Subsoiler/Power Harrow Combination

    It does but it is hyd reset to clear stones without clashing with the rotors and also has more legs for lower surface disturbance whilst moving all the soil underneath if that makes sense and stagger between the legs for trash clearance. and no I don’t sell them but we store some of there gear...
  13. Alistair Nelson

    Subsoiler/Power Harrow Combination

    Give Dean at Agriweld a ring and talk to him about the ASL it is exactly what your describing
  14. Alistair Nelson

    Dealer changes again the north or england & south of Scotland

    Thought it seemed alittle far fetched but it did seem that was what was being eluded to
  15. Alistair Nelson

    Dealer changes again the north or england & south of Scotland

    That’s what I was wondering so I take it you mean HRN has bought Sellars?
  16. Alistair Nelson

    Fendt 309. Turbomatic

    Yes would suggest it’s on second time round as you say 10000 and 47.15
  17. Alistair Nelson

    Dealer changes again the north or england & south of Scotland

    Orange and Green Tractor?
  18. Alistair Nelson

    Horse box value

    Made 2100 of my wife’s Ifor at York that was older and more worn but the Bateson that was similar age and condition made 1400. That is your problem but has to be 3500 - 4000
  19. Alistair Nelson

    farm force ULTRA TILTH

    Think a may have seen one in the Agri-linc catalogue under Moore unidrill spares worth a call