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  1. Tractorstant

    Hope Everyone Is Ok?

    Not reads copy of white dwarf in years! Hours spent in Gamesworkshop as a yooof! Hope you get better soon?
  2. Tractorstant

    Coldplays world tour.

    They are looking at it through the wrong end of the telescope........ If you don't plant a tree, you have to go to a Coldplay concert......the world would be back to Medieval times over night.
  3. Tractorstant

    Gregoire besson - can’t get parts?!

    I'm going to be, next to the (Italian ones next week,) the French one is about an hour up the road. If they have the bits and you want me to pick up and forward on I might be able to sort. JANSOULIN 83 (Vidauban) Adresse : 303 Chemin de Ramatuelle, Code Postal : 83550 Ville : Vidauban Pays...
  4. Tractorstant

    CF Nitrogen production?

    @Clive remember we had a chat once about shipping a bulker full of fert to a docks somewhere and those that bought into it would come and pick up. I am sure it could be done.
  5. Tractorstant

    Is the ford F-150 lightning the electric vehicle we have all been waiting for?

    There is a Bronco in the UK at the moment on test, I do hope it comes to Europe
  6. Tractorstant

    Im moving to Orkney, 1st time small holder - Gimme that knowledge

    Sounds Idilic, congratulations to you both. you'll need an Orkney Longliner or Fastliner to complete the set up..... :) As @ollie989898 said, a Youtube channel or even worth putting a call into one of the TV types to see if they want to do a documentary. Lux holiday cottages based on a...
  7. Tractorstant

    The Ineos Grenadier thread

    Saw two of these in Austrian plates drive through here the other day. Had to double take for a Defender 90/110/ Looking forward to seeing it up close.
  8. Tractorstant

    Good luck root crop farmers …….

    Could we crowdfund a trailer load of pots to be delivered to the police station as a "token of goodwill."
  9. Tractorstant

    Good luck root crop farmers …….

    Found = 5 Tates on the road. Missing =1000 GPS receivers Great work Staff police .
  10. Tractorstant

    Unsolicited emails

    I have just gone through this, left my old company, started my own, then get lawyers letters saying about "misappropriation of company data" That was fun! Sadly they had to eat humble pie as the client contacted me and wrote a letter to prove it. One Nil to the little guy! But also, people can...
  11. Tractorstant

    Case JX90

    Check the clutch if it has a loader on it. Chew'd though them back in the day as mechanical forward and reverse.
  12. Tractorstant

    Common farm problems to solve via tech/app

    App that GPS maps every bale in the field, then works out the most efficient order in which to collect them. In terms of speed, or ground compaction or trailer capacity. IP rights etc etc
  13. Tractorstant

    Common farm problems to solve via tech/app

    Fuber....... Farming Uber. You put a request into the app for say 100 acres of combining, anyone with an idle combine can then pick up the job if the terms are right. You would be surprised how little distance you have to travel before Farmers don't know who their neighbours, neighbour is and...
  14. Tractorstant

    Feeding staff

    Be nice if one-day one of the houses surrounding anyones land came out with a sandwich or an ice cream, instead of a note to say stop spreading muck.
  15. Tractorstant

    Dream products to make life easier

    A device that doesn't let you tip/extend the auger/tele-handler under or in the proximity of Power Lines. Amazes me with all the "whit of man" An auto shut or a confirmation of "Safe too" has not been implemented ( see the wrecker thread, ps hope the lad is ok? ) Either integrated in the the...
  16. Tractorstant

    Harvest Virgin

    Yep because the laws of physics where so very different back in the day!
  17. Tractorstant

    Harvest Virgin

    Yes I think we all get that bit, but hat's off to the Lad for asking for help/advice. All got to start somewhere, no? Sadly I think gone are the days where we start on a Dexter with a 4 ton trailer on the back....mind you, looking back probably equally as dangerous at the age of 13 looking back.
  18. Tractorstant

    Harvest Virgin

    Seems it, and your point is?
  19. Tractorstant

    Harvest Virgin

    Arran, firstly good luck and stay safe. I would much rather a lad in any profession come to me and say I am not confident, or I need more training than trying to pick up the pieces after. Assuming you have your own transport, bike, car, moped? See if you can drive all of the likely routes...