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  1. wuddy

    Ransome TS59 cross shaft advice required.

    Yes shouldn’t be far away at that, sitting in seat, right hand pin should be between 5 and six o’clock with adjustment handle in middle.
  2. wuddy

    Welger baler net wrap problem

    Remove four bolts and lift net unit out is the easiest way to work on it! Depending on bale count turn anvil and replace knife while you are at it.
  3. wuddy

    Ransome TS59 Plough Points.

    41’s are shallower than 39’s and are the better of the two for match work. I wore out a pair of 41’s that dad originally used and replaced them with idcp7. Definitely better at 10” for match work in the vintage class! Pop a picture up and I’ll can tell you what you have! Steel points and shares...
  4. wuddy

    Ploughing Matches - Dates, Announcements, Locations etc etc

    What area are you in? Heading to Ayr on Sunday, north Berwick 2nd October, Coldstream 3rd October the British ploughing championships are at Mindrum,Cornhill just over the border 9th/10th october! There is a good list on the ScotPlough website and Facebook page which is updated regularly I have...
  5. wuddy

    Today at work

  6. wuddy

    New telehandler time

    They did have a few different adaptor plates going about they were sending out with the demonstrators!
  7. wuddy

    Dealer changes again the north or england & south of Scotland

    I believe he means two different tractor brands of those colours!
  8. wuddy

    Krone 1290 hpd high speed

    Personally I would stick with MF and get a 2270xd, have ran it beside Krones and very little between them output wise, but long term reliability and resale value the Massey wins hands down!
  9. wuddy

    Ransome TS59 Plough Points.

    points and shares are two separate parts on epics
  10. wuddy

    Ransome TS59 Plough Points.

    I’ve seen people use metal pegs and really struggled to get them out!! I haven’t lost a point in 24 years!!
  11. wuddy

    Ransome TS59 Plough Points.

    I use 8mm x 40mm hardwood furniture dowels, 100 for about £6 off ebay
  12. wuddy

    7r john deeres

    No 7r experience here only some horror stories of some of the earlier ones! Our 7930 was a bad one and got replaced with an 8r and we run 3 6r’s!
  13. wuddy

    The "I've not started yet" thread

    If you waited for that up here you wouldn’t have much if anything in your stores!!! 😂😂😂
  14. wuddy

    The "I've not started yet" thread

    We’d be getting that cut up here at that moisture!!!
  15. wuddy

    70th Nationals going ahead

    Car park is public and always full, there is a place just a little further along the street that you could park I would just need to go ask the owner to make sure though!
  16. wuddy

    70th Nationals going ahead

    Had a bit ask about, nobody has stayed for a while but rooms used to be pretty basic but the bar is ok!
  17. wuddy

    70th Nationals going ahead

    Not a bad little pub but parking will be a complete nightmare but could possibly help you with that if needed
  18. wuddy

    Case Puma cvx transmission

    Best cvt on the market!!
  19. wuddy

    Keeping parallel to your Neighbour

    Gave up on the exact bit years ago!!! 😂😂😂