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  1. Romeogolf

    Today at work

    Sprayed off some ground, 2nd stale seed bed ready for drilling wheat later this week…. Put some skyfall in some of my boys ground this afternoon, 4m at 15kph makes the fields seem small….
  2. Romeogolf

    Washing sprayer

    Round up works well would you believe, just too expensive to use this year!
  3. Romeogolf

    Classics Earning their keep.

    The former, it turned 10,000 hrs as I perched on the inside wheel arch having a ride. Genuine working classic, I’ll try and get some more pictures when I’m next in his yard. He has an equally immaculate 7530, when cutting his wheat he had them both carting for me and it was a joy to see them...
  4. Romeogolf

    The Demo Thread

    It’s a 4220, the cumbersome loader makes it look strange. The visibility is awful with the loader, almost dangerous in my opinion. For hauling straw it would be a dream, but I certainly won’t be speccing a loader on mine!
  5. Romeogolf

    The Demo Thread

    Have run new Holland’s in the past, then more recently Claas on account of having such a good local dealer. I mowed the last of my silage last night with the fastrac, and raked it up this morning. Took my current Claas to bale it to see the comparison, and the difference was night and day. For...
  6. Romeogolf

    The Demo Thread

    Won’t be looking at a loader on it, even though it would be awesome for straw hauling. However, it turns around in a smaller area than my Landrover. 4 wheel steer makes it surprisingly nimble.
  7. Romeogolf

    The Demo Thread

    Demo day here, although I expect this will also soon feature in the ‘new toy day’ thread with alarming certainty.
  8. Romeogolf

    Today at work

    Did some colouring in… Sprayed off some stubbles ahead of DD wheat…. Then ruined some soil structure to round off the trio of establishment techniques….!
  9. Romeogolf

    Today at work

    I would be interested in the shed, what are the dimensions?
  10. Romeogolf

    Classics Earning their keep.

    Went to see a good friend in his 7810 turning things brown this evening….if only a picture captured the sound it makes!
  11. Romeogolf

    Combine reliability

    My trusty tx66 chomped through hundreds of acres, probably covered over 50 miles on the road and I didn’t touch her once save for grease and chain oil. 2700 drum hours and continues to amaze me what trouble free combining it gives, not even a knife section needed. Feel very blessed as a result...
  12. Romeogolf

    Is linseed a good break crop

    My winter linseed last year held its own, covered costs and didn’t frustrate me as much as I expected it to. I wasn’t expecting miracles but hoped for better prospects than OSR. The crop made it to harvest without being eaten by pests, combining was fine in the sun, the chemistry was straight...
  13. Romeogolf

    Ford 7810 rear lights wiring

    I’ve just replaced rears on my 5610, possible they are the same? Will look up colours tomorrow. From memory, Black = earth Purple & green = Brake Red = Side lights Green & White (Green & Red opposite) = Indicator It took a while with a multimeter and a bit of patience but they’re working like...
  14. Romeogolf

    Twin spool wrapper

    I run a hs2000, when it’s going well I don’t think there’s a better machine for round bales. When it is being a dog there no worse way to spend your day.
  15. Romeogolf

    Best straw for pheasants?

    Long straw that’s under thrashed, keep them going for hours.
  16. Romeogolf

    Tx34 unloadung auger

    Is there a shear bolt on the offside chain driven sprocket? I Had the same thing happen on an old 1188 once, small shear bolt had given up. It was a different combine I know but worth looking if it just suddenly stopped.
  17. Romeogolf

    Birmingham Clean Air Zone

    They have done it in Bath too. First I learned of it was getting a warning letter for taking the truck into town. That was in December so I didn’t get a fine as they were just bringing it in. It covers a good portion of town and routes through, which I assume is their intention to send...
  18. Romeogolf

    Network rail access

    I’ve had them here for the last couple of weeks. Started as a small bridge maintenance project, over hanging ivy etc on a small tunnel bridge which we use to go under the railway. Quickly grew tiresome, with Covid no one travelled together and regularly had 5/6 vans running down the farm to the...
  19. Romeogolf

    Tx 68+ hydrostatic problems

    Mine does is occasionally, although thankfully it’s only tried it once whilst putting the header on. That wasn’t much fun.
  20. Romeogolf

    Today at work

    Did some combining yesterday… 13% and doing just over 3t/ac average. Today I put some straw into rounds… Straw yielded well, so spent some time taking a few in…