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  1. herman

    Waste oil

    It came out of the ground so it can go back to the ground 🤣🤣
  2. herman

    Which hybrid WB next year?

    Been growing bazooka for a few years now. Trying Kingsbarn this autumn, it's supposed to be better.
  3. herman

    Old oilseed rape varieties

    They will be the old single low varieties that will be high uric acid. The double low varieties we grow nowadays are a lot weaker that the old ones.
  4. herman

    Leaving hay to "sweat"

    Dare not leave it out in some fields round here as it might spontaneously combust or go missing 🤣
  5. herman

    Row crops

    Plenty of people on wide tramlines and big sprayers are on big tyres all year round. I know some on 620 and and another on 710.
  6. herman

    When is the time to confront the elephant in the room ?

    Are we forgetting the main reason that farmers exist ? We are producing food to feed people, and I mean actual food not food to feed a digester or even for horses etc. I'm not saying that we should be exempt from carbon emissions but going on a plane for a holiday is not a necessary thing to...
  7. herman

    Potatoes – All in the timing

    Used it for many years and I can't say I've had any skin finish issues.
  8. herman

    planning permission to remove top soil?

    JFDI 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. herman

    What’s this bug?

    Is it a damselfly ? or some type of dragonfly ? Seen similar things to that before.
  10. herman

    Hybrid Winter Barley

    We have some just to try this year, looks slightly better than the bazooka that is on the headlands of the same field. Will give it a fair trial and if it's successful it may replace the hybrids, plus you can home save it.
  11. herman

    Potato crop 2021

    Our first were planted above a month ago and haven't emerged yet. Been very cold and wet up to now.
  12. herman

    Steel Supply and Prices

    We need to get some coal dug out and start making steel again. We have most of the raw materials the knowledge and possibly some of the infrastructure left. Tell miss thunderbird to do one. Problem solved 🤣🤣
  13. herman

    Leather jackets

    Could this be used on potatoes for slug control ?
  14. herman

    Sedating a wild steer

    Would use the biggest calibre available within reason, can't beat bullet weight for stacking the odds in your favour. If he is unapproachable I would start feeding him corn in a trough and move it closer to a safe shot area day by day. Been to wild cattle before and sometimes a safe shot is...
  15. herman

    AHA tenant on land for sale

    That's a great position to be in.
  16. herman

    Germany ban UK visitors .

    So long as we can go to agritecnica next year I'm not bothered. 2nd jab on Wednesday for me, and then let's go like a dog off the lead 🤣🤣🤣
  17. herman

    Spraying Weather 🤔

    It won't be long, trust me [emoji6]
  18. herman

    Radial arm drill

    Very good tools indeed. Had a beautiful one that burnt in a fire and also a lovely ironworker too all ex British coal bought cheap. Bought another drill but never used it really after buying a mag drill. Eventually it developed a problem so when scrap was high it went.
  19. herman

    Westerwolds or Arable silage?

    I drilled a mix of wheat, barley, and beans yesterday on some uncropped potato field headlands. Will mow and bale if its good enough or just topp it before lifting.
  20. herman

    Tm190 down in power

    Dead on pick up but good at higher revs Never gelled with mine got a 7050 now and its loads better