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  1. Forever Fendt

    2012 jcb js 130

    You should get 15 percent of that
  2. Forever Fendt

    Straw shed approx cost

    Very much doubt they’d be able to stand on with that price now
  3. Forever Fendt

    Calf creep feeders

  4. Forever Fendt

    Calf creep feeders

    Learned the hard way here
  5. Forever Fendt

    Calf creep feeders

    I have Watson ones here new with bird flaps and badger rollers available for them
  6. Forever Fendt

    Bale trailer or low loader?

    Would be very high ride height on the 560s I would have thought
  7. Forever Fendt

    Feeding square bale silage then cattle waste it

    They don't waste any with self locking yokes and they don't need to be fastened in to prevent wastage
  8. Forever Fendt

    Road maintenance in France - Vive la difference!

    Not if you want some cheap pipe bedding , There a good idea
  9. Forever Fendt

    Galvanised steel frame

    Steel sections sounds light for the size especially the rafters 65ft span on 20 ft bays on 10”x5 3/4 “
  10. Forever Fendt

    Steel framed shed house

    I hope they are not reliant on the Hibbitt case with the above statement
  11. Forever Fendt

    Steel framed shed house

    We have done it with a building that was new in 2007, Well worth the effort and needs a bit of thought put into it. Don't be fooled to thinking you have a flying start with the existing building in place as sometimes a new build would be easier but the planning would be near impossible where as...
  12. Forever Fendt

    Cattle feed barriers

    I can supply you with jourdain self locking yokes or timber skirted barriers delivered direct to farm ,We have supplied quite a few people on here and all have been fairly pleased with the quality
  13. Forever Fendt

    Self filling bowls, advice please...

    I have the green cast iron la Buvette ones and have been absolutely faultless ,they have a rubber bung in the bottom and a galvanised rump rail is available to stop animals rubbing on them
  14. Forever Fendt

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    Yes can do and we will be very competitive but need at least 2 for a direct delivery perhaps get a neighbour to make a order up
  15. Forever Fendt

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    Sent one to many creep feeders to a customer in Lincolnshire so now have to fetch it back if it can’t be sold from there
  16. Forever Fendt

    Class q barn conversion tips/advice

    make sure the building looks like its in agriculture use and there's no domestic stuff in the building for when they come to look around
  17. Forever Fendt

    Someone to make a halfshaft?

    Makes me wonder what you would do without that shed !