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    Still desperate for rain? Anyone else?

    Feel like were the only region still desperate for rain, even though its only the coastline requiring it.
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    Whats left to cut

    How do you put up those fancy bar charts on the right ? malting sb 310 ac ww 180 (if the wind leaves anything) wosr 25 Just wondering, as maltsters are stating great yields etc, on what? what's been cut or estimate of what's to be cut? Big difference if the weather does not improve.
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    Most you've charged for temporary/ rent of ground for a wayleave/access

    water board renewed pipes through us and reconnected some private and a commercial property to the mains, but in doing so created new way leaves on our side of the main. I promptly put in a nice figure for these new wayleave .They did not want to pay them and are in the process of moving them of...
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    New double cab

    Looking for a new car, basic with a tow bar. Just wondering if anyone has heard of good deals out there. So far have found 13000 + v .
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    Harvest 2015/16 !

    Just one for the farmers out there who haven't really started and getting fed up reading posts from the lucky sods who have basically finished. Obviously not to much to report other than have started osr, maybe a four acre field of sb tomorrow , pretty sh!t forecast for next ten days.
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    Guess when this photo was taken!

    Harvest is still a long way off!
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    Gator Tyres ?

    Just wondering what Tyres people are using and what hours they are getting out if them?
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    How wet would you think was reasonable to cut?

    With nearing 140 mm since Friday and forecast wet till 22 and average temps of 14 c what percent moisture would you try and cut at?
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    Has anyone used avenue wearing parts?

    As tittle says, what is the life of the metal? Is 10 times more?
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    Pylon compensation

    Have been offered compensation for devaluation of farm house because of pylon being close to the house and wires passing over the garden. Just wondering if anyone else has been through the process and what percentage of devaluation of the property they where offered.