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    Combining grain maize

    I am currently looking at this. there's a few doing it round here now. Some to dry, some to crimp. I like the look of it to crimp, but I'm unsure on the saleability of the crimped grain. Discuss.....
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    500/85 R24 combine rear tyres

    MUST be combine load rated as the current ones are bulging!!!! So lower rated won't last 5 mins. Need a pair delivered to tn26
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    NH cr9080 part required

    It seems to have sucked the elbow hose (that a small child could crawl through) on the back of the air intake in and collapsed it. Anyone know of one? Apparently NH only have one and it's in Australia! It's wire reinforced, good secondhand would be better than what's on it now.
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    Stripping linseed

    Any advice on stripping. 24 foot. Nhcr9080. Never used one, have the possibility of using the stripper instead of cutting. Really like the idea, just concerned I won't be able to keep enough in the combine to thresh it properly.
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    Glyphosate news.

    Bollix or not? If true it'd definitely be a bonus.
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    There's no farmland birds anymore

    Bollix. I'm getting deafened by skylarks! And I can't qualify for SFI with my current farm system! A short video I took outside my grainstore this morning. Couldn't actually focus on any but by God they're noisy buggers.
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    Avadex applicator

    3m applicator required. Preferably one that will integrate with my gd box. It can run 4 applicators so fingers crossed.
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    Wtf EU RED audit.

    What a load of bollix.
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    531-70. I give up!!!

    All right, I admit defeat. Where's the fecking cab air filter for Christ's sake??? 2009
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    Massey spares.

    I've some spares left from having my old Massey combines. More than I'd have liked. I'll be listing them on here in classifieds if I can find an appropriate section. So keep an eye out over the next few days, it's all the bits that go bang. Including poweflow table bearings etc.
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    KV spreading charts

    I've had a geo for years, changed for a new one this year which has a book half the size for settings, which doesn't have nitram in it!!! Got on the settings page on tellus, doesn't give the option for prills, and doesn't give anything close to nitram. Tried the app, same. What's happened? It...
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    Which egnos sats to use?

    Ever since they changed sats the bloody signal is absolute shite. Which is best one to use? 123, 126, 136? Auto select doesn't seem to work any more, just had twenty minutes waiting for my rtk to come back because the satellite needed fecked off.
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    Is proper coal tar creosote getting banned again?

    Last time I was told this it was sales to jo bloggs stopping. Just been told its stopping at the end of March for everything???
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    Xcn 2050 settings

    While I get my rtk up and running I'm going to have to use something different signal wise. I assumed I'd see egnos in the list. But it's got autonomous, or sbas. What's better accuracy? Just parked in the barn which can only see a little sky And it's still got 14 satellites much to my...
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    Suppliers of pin and cone headstock to fit JCB 531-70

    Any clues as to where to look? Don't mind secondhand as long as it's good. Haven't bought a JCB yet, but am looking into options.
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    Trimble modems wanted

    I need 3 trimble vrs modems (dcm300 I believe), installation kit too preferably but would consider them without.
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    I need a new laptop. Well, actually my daughter does. I'd like to spend about £6-700. SSD is a must. Any recommendations? Seen quite a high spec HP one. Don't really want Acer or Asus. Tia
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    Cat th407

    Any user views? I've given up hope of finding a decent matbro the same as I have now. So I'm considering a used cat to run alongside it. I really don't want to spend 60 grand a on a handler which is full of things to stop it working. I'm hoping something about 2008 to 2010 might not have too...
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    This year's nroso course

    Who's tried it? I'm part way through. Multiple choice questions. So far can't see an easy way to go back through the lesson text to find the answers so you have to guess if you don't know. Then module two starts with qualifications for cultivator mounted applicators, (new module so more money to...
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    Tm150 NH. Electronic issues.

    This tractor is a peach. Owned from new. Always serviced by myself once warranty was out. Everything works still. Except the Ruddy thing has dementia, the lift loses its memory, so it tries to lift constantly even though it's right up, sometimes it recalibrates itself so you can't get a trailer...