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    Artic trailer

    Looking for a artic trailer with a good floor

    TM gear box fault

    We have a New Holland TM155 power command that will only drive in first gear. It is in the field and i have not been to look at it but the lad says that no matter what gear you put it in it flashes CP for clutch pedal then when you press the clutch it changes down to first gear Anyone any ideas...

    Hydraulic hose suppliers

    Where is the best (cheapest :D) place to buy a coil of 3/8 twin wire hydraulic hose and can you get a grade with a thicker rubber coating as we use it on a pressure washer for swilling out and as soon as the wires are exposed they rot threw and it blows

    Gravel bags

    Have bought some gravel bags to try on the silage pit, just wondering whether to use pea gravel or ordinary gravel Thinking pea gravel will be better but more likely to leak out if you get a small hole in the bag What would you recommend?

    Kuhn mower skids

    We need a new set of skids and the intermediate wear plates for our Kuhn FC313 mower. Where would be the best place to source pattern parts

    Metcalfe winged points

    Looking at the winged points Metcalfe sells to fit to a Horsch sprinter Is anyone using them

    Bulk bag dispenser Who else sells dispensers like above I want one for fert that you can put the bag back on the floor and leave the dispenser in Not to bothered about a pipe on it but would prefer one made of stainless or has anyone made one themselves that works well

    Brake shoes and spring for Triffitt trailer

    Where is the best place to source replacement brake shoes and a leaf spring for a 2007 11t triffitt trailer

    Converting lowloader

    Might have the chance to buy this HGV lowloader to convert to tractor drawn but think the axles are a bit far back, the centre of the rear axle is 5’ from the back of the trailer and the axles are on 4’6”centres. If I cut the swan neck off and had it as a 30’ flat bed would it over load the...
  10. YELROM

    Replacement electric fence reels Is there anywhere that you can buy replacement bobbins like the link above for Rutland reels as i have bought a job lot of electric fencing of a neighbour but most of the reels are cracked or broken
  11. YELROM

    JF 1060 bearing number

    Does anyone know the bearing number for the pick up reel centre bearing on the outer edge of the reel for a JF 1060 forager This one is getting a bit grumbly
  12. YELROM

    Leather jackets

    Is there anyway of controlling leather jackets other than cultivation We have a field of spring barley that has been destroyed by them. The only place there is a crop is where we did some drainage in winter and we power harrowed over the repaired drains and any dumper wheelings and the crop is...
  13. YELROM

    Horsch sprinter tines

    Got some photos of a 2005 Horsch sprinter ST drill i was interested in but it seems to be on the CO style twin vertical springs and not the larger single horizontal springs. Is there a year that they changed to the new horizontal spring or were the drills optionally with either style tine Is...
  14. YELROM

    Oxford to Scarborough

    Combine and 20ft header to move from Oxford to Scarborough, North Yorkshire
  15. YELROM

    Simba Freeflow tyre

    The outside tyre on the rear packer of our free flow has disintegrated I can get a tyre local but where do you get the solid insert that goes in the outside tyres, it seems silicone ish
  16. YELROM

    Oil hand pumps

    What is the best make of oil pump for 205 ltr barrels We have an old pump that works well but not sure of the make and am sick of swapping it between different barrels We got a pump off our oil supplier and it pumps more air than oil So can anyone recommend a good oil pump
  17. YELROM

    Idiots guide to Ez steer

    Looking at getting an Ez steer wheel motor to go with our Trimble 250 with a ag15 antenna we have just got. How accurate would this system be with an Ez steer, i assume i would need tilt compensation but looking on line most seem to be fitted in the cab, does cab suspension affect them by making...
  18. YELROM

    Tipping water troughs

    What make of tipping water trough do you recommend, probably looking at stainless
  19. YELROM

    Guidence systems

    We currently have a Patchwork system but it seems to struggle for signal sometimes, i'm looking to get a new system that in future will upgradable to auto steer What system would you look at, We currently run older New Holland tractors but if we change we will probably get a autosteer ready...
  20. YELROM

    Group 4 wheat

    Do any of the feed wheats suit direct drilling more than others Been growing Leeds which is -3 days to growth stage 31 when september sown, but was bad with yellow rust this year so looking to try something else Going to try some Gleam but it is +8 days to growth stage 31 which is a bit...