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  1. cosmagedon

    Lely Culterra/drillmate

    I'm looking for a folding 5 or 6m Lely Culterra/drillmate if anyone has a old one in the way 👍
  2. cosmagedon

    Pressurised seed hopper

    Why do some manufacturers use a pressurised hopper instead of a Venturi system? Is it as simple as the hopper is airtight and Above the seed is pressurised by the fan air? The air is teed off the fan pipework before the seed enters the airstream?
  3. cosmagedon

    Liquid fert on grass

    I'm looking into doing the above, I've been reading anything I can find on here and some of the FB pages. I'm just after any little bits of advice really, I think I've decided on chafer dribble bars as the ground is undulating so keeping a constant boom height won't be easy, dribble bars should...
  4. cosmagedon

    Autocommand Gearbox

    We've got a Autocommand T7 that's very slow to change direction, very jumpy and occasionally rocks backward and forwards when stationary. Are these symptoms of the solenoids inside the gearbox sticking/failing? Our first AC tractor so we haven't got anything to compare it with.
  5. cosmagedon

    RDS Delta 34i

    Is there any way to set a 34i to run at a set pressure for say 5 seconds when I switch the booms on? I find when backing into a corner or starting on a awkward run I have to switch over to manual and bump the pressure then switch back to auto once I'm up to speed. My previous sprayers were all...
  6. cosmagedon

    Drain Jetter reeler/spooler

    Does anyone know a machine that I can acquire a powered spooler off for a drain jetter? I've been searching for cable and hose reelers but cant find anything yet, otherwise I will have to fabricate something. I just thought it would be quicker if there was already something out there that would...
  7. cosmagedon

    Kuhn Axis weight cell replacement

    I've just replaced the weight cells on a 2007 40.1 but I cant get the machine to weight correctly. Is there a procedure for calibrating the new cells other than setting zero or a known weight? (tried both with no joy) The only other though I've had is, the new cells are slightly different...
  8. cosmagedon

    Ez Pilot platform kit

    I'm fitting a Ez Pilot to a 1999 Agribuggy, I'm almost positive the steering column is the same that's fitted to a New Holland 40 series. Does anyone know what platform kit fits a 40series? I've got X2 steering bosses with the unit and neither fit unfortunately.
  9. cosmagedon

    Trimble Ez-Steer/Pilot

    Looking for a used Ez Steer or Pilot. Even one that needs repairing or missing wiring etc. I would prefer a Ez Pilot but won't turn down a Ez steer at the right price.
  10. cosmagedon

    Kuhn MDS Hopper Extensions

    I'm looking for a hopper extension for a Kuhn MDS fertilizer spreader, I would like to go a bit wider so I need either a M633 or M873.
  11. cosmagedon

    Muller Isobus Joystick

    Muller Isobus Joystick Can be used with the D plug or comes with a new harness to plug into the tractor Isobus socket £300
  12. cosmagedon

    3d Printer

    XYZ da Vinci Pro 3d printer See the amazon link for the spec, dont use it anywhere near as much as I thought I would. Pretty simple thing to use, I was making things a couple of hours after unboxing it having never used one before. Nothing wrong with it, I need a new plasma cutter for the...
  13. cosmagedon

    Accord tramline valves

    Long story short I reversed the polarity on 2 whilst testing them and now they don't work, I thought they were simple solenoids inside so shouldn't have been effected. Can they be taken apart and repaired, what burns out on them?
  14. cosmagedon

    McConnel/New Holland axle brackets and anyone breaking a older PA2050

    Looking for a set of axle brackets to fit a T6080 and if anyone knows of a machine being broken that's got a piston pump fitted were after some spares.
  15. cosmagedon

    Tyre Mover

  16. cosmagedon

    Denbigh pedestal Grinder

    I bought this from a fab shop that was having a clear out a while back but never got round to installing it in the workshop. It was still being used up until I bought it, big old well built machine. 3 phase, comes with various spare grinding wheels £150
  17. cosmagedon

    Mueller Me joystick assigning functions

    I've got the above joystick connected up in a T7 along with a Kuhn rake but I'm having issues trying to assign the functions to the buttons. I'm not sure if there's a setting somewhere I haven't got right or I'm not pressing something. I've tried changing everything that I can see but it makes...
  18. cosmagedon

    Landrover transfer box

    I'm looking for a Landrover LT230 transfer box, with either a 1.4 or 1.6 ratio. I can work out the ratio off the serial number if you've got one laying around.
  19. cosmagedon

    Ktwo silage sides

    Were looking for silage sides for a 12ton ktwo silage trailer if anyone knows of a set.
  20. cosmagedon

    JCB 434 starting problems

    We've got a new to us 2012 JCB 434s that's been on the pit all day, it was switched off for tea and now won't start. It turns over but won't fire. The driver has done the usual of checking fuses, relays and fuel but no joy. I'm not with the machine but I'm wondering if anyone has had similar...