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    Pottinger 612c or krone tc640?

    A dealer told me the same, stronger frame on the 702
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    John Deere error codes

    Did the exact same to a 6630 here a few weeks ago, putting up the same codes, she's lively and sounds a bit nicer since
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    Another slurry tanker thread

    Any update on this, what did you go for in the end?
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    Moving wrapped bales from fields to stack

    I hear of lads charging €70 an hour for keltec, super job from what i hear if you have the room to unload in the yards
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    Dribble bar vs trailing shoe

    I think mastek do some sort of a cone thats fitted before the masetator to slow down the flow a bit
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    Kuhn FBP 3135 v Mc Hale Fusion

    Dunno will i get much joy off them but ill try them anyway
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    Kuhn FBP 3135 v Mc Hale Fusion

    Is your a 2018 fusion? Mine is and selectable knives arent working properly, only one set will stay up, have blanks in the other set
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    Kuhn FBP 3135 v Mc Hale Fusion

    Is yours a standard or a plus? Were your selectable knives not working properly?
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    Kuhn FBP 3135 v Mc Hale Fusion

    What issues were you having with the bale density?
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    Dribble bar

    Ya i think it is
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    Dribble bar

    Anyone have a slurryquip dribble bar? Looks to be a very tidy design with little tail swing
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    6930 engine problem

    What hours are lads getting the remapping done at?
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    6630 Engine oil

    Iv my 30 series set at 400 hours for service intervals on the command centre, i find that's when they tend to start burning a bit of oil, always use genuine filters, used use castrol oil but using all john deere plus 50 now. What hours do lads do the backend oil and filters at?
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    Any idea what a John Deere 1355 mower be worth?

    There is a 2012 1355 with a grouper on donedeal for €12k inc vat, looks fresh and clean and about 2k acres cut, its advertised with about 2 months now
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    John deere triples

    Iv asked them a few times about a grouper and the way there talking i dont think it will ever happen.
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    Mower combinations What would ye make of this? Grouper has been retro fitted, its a grouper off krone triples, would it be too heavy and only couse cross shaft problems or could it be counter acted by adding weights to the mower. Anyone seen one...
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    Black trailer

    If you look hard enough you'll see a touch of black underneath ha
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    Black trailer

    Black bale trailers here, plenty lights and reflective tape and no issues.
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    John deere triples

    Ya there could be a few that have it on ditch side regardless, iv a kuhn with grouper and its on the ditch side but it be on the inside if there was no grouper on it
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    John deere triples

    Most do the wheels on the inside but when there is a grouper fitted thats when the wheel needs to be put on the ditch side. Those new trailed malone are very impressive looking mower, would go for one but they dont do a grouper to fit i dont think