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  1. ProHorizon

    Two CLAAS 8900 at Warter Priory Estate

  2. ProHorizon

    200 Acres Linseed Stripped in One Day

  3. ProHorizon

    Female Farmer by Night and Barrister by Day

    I spent some time with Eleanor working on the family farm this week
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    Sunset Harvest At Thoresby Farm

  5. ProHorizon

    Harvest at Sunset with 2 CLAAS Combines

  6. ProHorizon

    What No Steering Wheel! Look at the new FENDT 10T IDEAL

    At B&B Tractors today and a new FENDT 10T IDEAL was getting ready to leave for Germany Farms
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    Out with the Massey Ferguson 8S 225

  8. ProHorizon

    Out with the FENDT 1162 Vario MT on demo

    I had a little bit of time with the FENDT 1162 crawler tractor this week
  9. ProHorizon

    Out with the NEW FENDT 1162 Vario MT

    I got to spend abit of time out with Peacock and Binnington and FENDTs demo 1162 Vario crawler tractor