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  1. Colin

    Wanted, spaniel pup, preferably dog.

    As above
  2. Colin


    Is it me or are pups hellish pricey just now! Lost our collie a few weeks ago so we are looking for a friend for the cocker spaniel. However some are 2k+ !!
  3. Colin


    Currently have bt broadband down the phone line, however my wife has been working at home and the service is getting worse and worse, she does a lot of video conferencing, Had BT out to look and they say the lines ok. The various speed tests I've run have said 2 to 4 mpbs. Any reliable...
  4. Colin

    MF6485 11500 hours

    As the above, got one here. Had its brakes checked 6 months ago and got new pads etc, as they were just at the point of going. Gearbox SEEMS OK, always serviced by dealer. Should I schedule an engine rebuild? Anything else to worry about. Its a good tractor, should have bought 5!
  5. Colin

    Contour following strip till

    Sumo or mzuri? Any good at following the ground? The rotation includes roots so ground is uneven. Currently plough/ deep tillage and power harrow. The power harrow has a front hopper so toying with the idea of a sumo toolbar DTS. This would let me put cover crops in without cultivation, and...
  6. Colin

    Drill to cope with varied conditions

    After an abortive attempt 12 years ago to try and run a farm with roots and combinables using only a Claydon drill fell a bit flat for several reasons. Chiefly among them we were farming a block of heavier land that just left slots and the tined drill, couldn't cope with the uneven conditions...
  7. Colin

    Isobus question

    Looking at changing spreader for an amazone or Kuhn with isobus. At the moment we use a Muller comfort terminal with a joystick to run our chafer sprayer. It has auto shut off enabled on it so the theory is that we could use it to run the spreader. Anyone done this, successfully?
  8. Colin

    Cameras for monitoring grain drier.

    What's the best option for this job so that I can check on my phone what's happening with grain temp etc. We don't have WiFi at the site but my house is only 100m away, we do have 4g though. We are trying to cut down on labour demands in the summer. This is on an Alvan blanch, not that it makes...
  9. Colin

    High hour MF6485 longevity.

    We have one that is in 10500 hours, had it from new always been well serviced. Most of its work now is haulage but still does 1500 a year. It's a 2012 Dyna 6 50kph. What should we start worrying about? Had a bearing collapse in a trumpet 5 years ago but that's about it. Is it sensible to start...
  10. Colin


    Thinking of a new pick up, probably Hilux. Any good dealers in central Scotland, someone that can supply canopies etc. Also has anyone got an extra cab as only have 3 or more in it rarely.
  11. Colin

    Potash to 36m

    Looking to change spreader, need to spread potash to 36m. What spreader and products are you using reliably?
  12. Colin

    2008 defender wipers

    Window wipers won't self park or run in intermittent but sometimes randomly wipe without being switched on. Do I need a new motor or a wiper switch for the column?
  13. Colin

    Cerone rates

    What rates do people go down to and still get some effect. Got Zulu, istabraq and skyscraper on light land, 200kg n already had split moddus and one 3c only knee high 24" at the moment and flags are nearly fully out. Pretty thick crops but very springy. I'm thinking 0.3 on all of it for...
  14. Colin

    Total wheat spend

    Looking at the t1 thread spend varies massively. What is everyone spending on pesticides , everything being equal I will be about 220/ha this year, thats everything from herbicides to roundup if required.
  15. Colin

    Wheat mildew

    Anyone got sure fire way of stopping this. Gets more expensive every year, I grow istabraq, Zulu and skyscraper, they all get it. I use plenty of MN but there is definitely something about nutrition that helps just not pinned down the one thing that will do it.
  16. Colin

    Boron and foliar K on cereals

    Anyone done this, tissue test showing deficiency on both along with zinc. This is on a field of rye which is entered in YEN. Not into luck and mystery stuff so it's getting a dose of Yara gramitrel with first spray but I could add some boron as well but not sure about foliar K
  17. Colin

    quicker/better cover crop establishment

    looking at options to get cover in quicker here. Currently have a 3m claydon sr and a lemken 6m power harrow drill. Main method just now is to cultivate the stubble shallow then drill with lemken, but it means an extra pass and the power Harrow can't generate enough tilth by itself. Also drilled...
  18. Colin

    Liquid fert

    Given the rapidly rising price of fert, one option for me is to home mix as and then use bought in straight liquid N, has anyone tried mixing these two together?
  19. Colin

    Risk reduction

    Ok then, farming on pretty light land, potatoes and carrots are the banker. Cereals work away but obviously expensive to grow. I've been moving away from risky crops like malting barley, wheat can do 9t if weather is perfect, s. Oats 7 and growing cereal rye which does 8 or so. I'm trying to...
  20. Colin

    Stupid idea?

    At 36m trams using homemade liquid UAS at moment. How about liquid on the outside then spin at 18 in middle of the field, anyone do this?