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    Who's the best value for guttering, looking at floplast 170mm, used it in the past getting varying prices, need to replace about 200ft. Thanks
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    Fibre broadband!

    Got 2 fields a mile away from the farm, fibre broadband is going in to property next to my field, The company doing it rang this morning,(spoke to wife) asking permission to have it going through my field, starting today!! She said they need to speak to me. They hope to follow the hedge line...
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    Mid tier fencing

    Can I use railway sleepers for gate posts? Can't see anywhere in the book of words that I can't!
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    Moblie drinkers

    Sorry if done before but what are people using, looking for ideas, currently using Plastic sheep troughs, which are fine provided the cattle don't knock them about, which one bunch have decided to do, thinking of a metal frame to sit the trough in that I can tow with the quad bike, pic's please...
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    Pasture for life

    Pasture for life, any members here? Pro's-Con's! What do they actually do(what benifits) bar give you an inspection take your money and certifiy you? Genuinely interested thanks.
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    Fascinating stuff

    Interview begins at 9.26 I watched it in 20 minutes blocks easier to take it all in!
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    Re-sead Method?

    Right folks, I've 6 acres of kale coming to an end, now normally I'd dung it, get a contractor to plough it, I work it down, then a mate drills it with grass harrows with a seed box on (enibok 6m) lime also if needed.(had 1 ton p acre last year) This field is steep and North facing. The cows...
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    Saving the planet

    How to reverse climate change with livestock! Turns a lot of what we know on its head!
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    Stewardship payments

    We're 8 years into a uplands HLS scheme, and originally paid every 6 months, After 5 years there payment structure changed meaning we only received 50% for one year but would receive the other 50% at the end of the scheme, (whilst receiving 50% every six months again, so basically missing 1...
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    Toxocara vitulorum.

    Came across these in routine :poop: samples from one batch of lambs not seen before! 650epg. Nearly all toxocara To drench or not to drench that is the question? Lambs doing well on clover ley few shitty ones but still looking fine. Minor research says not harm to sheep? Last drenched end of...
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    What are people wearing on there heads this weather, had a bit of sunstroke last week, so taken to wearing a Aussie style side brimmed hat which is great but being leather it's a tad sweaty. Got to stay on my head on the quad also!(y).
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    Red and white clover.

    New LEY in, red and white clover been cut once, now grazing it lightly with lambs, It's about 8inches deep and very thick, just a bit worried about bloat, should I push the lambs out over night then push back in, in the morning 12 hr shifts! Thought appreciated?(y).
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    bale squeeze

    Making up a bale squeeze, past ones I've made I've use any old hydraulic ram thats suitable and been kicking around the workshop, and they've been pretty heavy duty anda bit crude, nothing suitable so gotta buy one, What size rod and stroke would be adequate? This grab will be an over top style...
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    Ewes, no concentrate

    So not to diversify another thread Edging towards this, singles get hay/silage adlib Multiplies get a lb of cake at the moment 6 weeks before lambing with adlib hay/ silage Would like to cut it out all together, moving to an all forage based system. Lamb out side in April at present moving...
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    What are people wearing on their heads at the moment the old beanie isn't cutting it at the moment, especially on the quad bike, needs to be light warm doesn't impede vision Ideally water proof, fudging cold this morning in the snow.
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    Loader tractor?

    Due to expansion going to need a new (to me) loader tractor needs to be around 100hp but a small tractor in its self if that makes sense! Jobs mainly feeding and cleaning out around the yards abit of cultivating in the spring, moving big bales mowing hedge trimming and other gfw. Power shuttle...
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    Weighing calves

    Want to start weighing new born calves what do people use, old set of bathroom scales? Sheep weights? Needs to be portable really as 50% are born outside Many thanks.
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    Labrador pups

    Labrador puppies, 3 dogs 9 bitches. Well bred, parents both work, great temperaments £600 each ready mid August Will be chipped etc. Thanks for looking
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    Plasma cutter

    As the title says after a budget plasma cutter, no need to cut much more than 6mms plate, farmer/fabricator friendly, it's not going to be used every day just when I have a project on the go, fed up with paying for gas. Any suggestions appreciated(y).
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    cattle crush

    Looking at a new crush to do all the basics, narrowed it down to a bateman ambassador, then came across a morris standard beef crush, I like the idea of being able to close the yoke from the back of the crush, anyone got one or used one? How do they compare price wise to the bateman (£1700 +VAT...