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  1. Cmoran

    Merlo burst pipe repair?

    my merlo p40.7 has a burst pipe inside the boom how do we go about replacing it. It’s the pipe for crowding the head stock do I need genuine pipes or can I just get them made up?tia
  2. Cmoran

    To pull rams or leave them in?

    I’m letting teaser rams of on Friday to my early lambers for two weeks then putting in breeding rams but was considering pulling the rams again after 2-3 weeks and putting in again in 20th October when ewe lambs and mountainy ewes going to the rams to keep job compact instead of 3 months...
  3. Cmoran

    Treating barley with maximum?

    I’ve just purchased 30 tons of barley I usually treat it with maximum to feed to lambs but it’s only 15% is that to dry to treat? Or is there other options
  4. Cmoran

    Teaser rams?

    I’m going to go the route of teaser rams this year to try and make lambing more compact. Will 3 be enough for 300 ewes? My vet is going to do 3 ram lambs for me next week or should I source older rams? Also how soon before hand do the teasers go out?
  5. Cmoran

    Valtra mirror arms

    Hi where’s the best place to buy mirror arms for my valtra t132? Are Massey the same?
  6. Cmoran

    Merlo p40.7 solenoid?

    Are these solenoids anything to do with forward and reverse? There’s a smell of burning of one of them and my machine will only go backwards when it suits itself?
  7. Cmoran

    T70 loader brackets for Same 100.6 wanted

    Anyone know where I could source loader brackets for a Tanco T70 to fit a same 100.6 or would anyone have a complete loader to fit it? Friend of mine bought the loader of a lambrogini and was assured it would fit his same but brackets are different
  8. Cmoran

    Jd6150r wiring harness

    I’m looking for part numbers for two wiring harnesses but I’m drawing blanks on jd parts search. I need the harness for the cab suspension and from rear axle out to power tls.any help greatfully appreciated
  9. Cmoran

    Valtra t132 eco pto

    I’m wondering if there is a switch for economy pto on my valtra t132 I’ve got a lever to change from 540 to 1000 but nothing about eco?
  10. Cmoran

    Tanco mower thoughts?

    Been looking at the new Tanco triple mower setup I’m wondering what are peoples thoughts on it. To me it seems a good idea as I already have a tractor fit to drive it. I’m still on 2 trailed mowers but will be looking to speed up the job in the future. I know it’s new and probably best give it a...
  11. Cmoran

    Is it to early to sow kale?

    I’m wondering is it to early to sow kale that won’t be grazed until December?
  12. Cmoran

    Raking for Jf900

    Just wondering if anyone on here rakes in front of there jf900? We would be picking mostly strong grass and I’m wondering would it speed it up a bit? I’ve raked light grass before and it was a great job
  13. Cmoran

    Jd 6930 display problem

    I’m looking at a 6930 premium that I’ve nearly dealt for but the display screen on right hand side seems to have lost its lighting as you have to go in really close to see what it says. Is it an easy fix or expensive??
  14. Cmoran

    Dexter limousin cross

    I’ve just purchased a short legged dexter in a fit of madness!! I’m going to put her to my limousin bull (1000kgs) we never had to pull a calf in the 5 years I’ve had him will the dexter be ok to calf from him?
  15. Cmoran

    John Deere direct drive gearbox?

    I’m looking at a 2013 R series in my local garage but it a direct drive gearbox what are they like?ive only ever had power quad and they are bullet proof
  16. Cmoran

    Valtra t132 handbrake problem

    My valtra t132 has developed a problem with the handbrake as in it doesn’t engage when you put forward reverse lever into park. Where do I start looking? Thanks
  17. Cmoran

    Valtra t132 handbrake problem

    My valtra t132 has developed a problem with the handbrake as in it doesn’t engage when you put forward reverse lever into park. Where do I start looking? Thanks
  18. Cmoran

    20foot Kuhn rake yes or no?

    So I’ve decided to buy a new 20’ rake and Kuhn is best value I’ve come across plus it’s only 8’2” wide on the road which is big bonus as lots of narrow roads around here most people running mchale or sip around here so I’m wondering if Kuhn are ok
  19. Cmoran

    Manitou boom pipes?

    A friend of mine who is HGV fitter has been asked to replace a pipe in the boom of a manitou 1637 1998 model and is wondering what best plan of action is?? TIA
  20. Cmoran

    Perkins engine for 302.5 cat

    The engine has died in my cat 302.5 mini digger it’s a 2002 machine I’ve sourced a 2010 3cyl Perkins engine which looks the same engine bar the rocker cover I think it’s a 403c-15. Will it fit straight in?