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    NH & Case combine belts for sale

    Various new belts to fit NH CR & TX ,Axial flow combines
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    14-16t Grain trailer

    Looking for 14-16t grain trailer with sprung drawbar,preferably air brakes Must be VGC
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    Bartlett's sale (cheffins) help needed

    Looking for someone in the area of Bartlett's sale (Chatteris) to collect a couple of lots for me,had bids left on a few bits but have only ended up with some of the spare parts,happy to pay someone to pick them up and I will arrange for a carrier to collect them,will probably need a pallet box...
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    10 stud JD rims

    Looking for a pair of 15x30 adjustable JD rims (10 stud) to take 16.9r30 tyres
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    British Gas FIT Tel no.

    Have our FIT for our solar with British Gas, horrendous to deal with,every quarter I have to chase them for payment,biggest problem is I cannot speak to anyone in the UK,always end up with an Indian call centre, don't suppose anyone has a UK contact number for BG feed in tariff team? Also how...
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    Trimble 372 receiver

    Looking for a 372 receiver if anyone is selling one.
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    Twin wall drainage pipe

    Any recommendations for twin wall suppliers,might need around 1200m of 600mm diameter pipes and sockets,prices I have found are rather eye watering,can you deal direct with the manufacturer?
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    Will sh machinery prices drop?

    With Brexit and problems getting machinery into Ireland and the EU what's the thoughts on secondhand machinery,many farm sales were well supported by dealers moving machines into Ireland,will this market getting harder to access have an impact on values? Not sure how the likes of Lanark will...
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    Amazone (AR) sprayer pump diaphrams

    Set of 6 new diaphrams to fit AR250/280/185bp pump Amazone part no. 2214061619 AR no.550080 £60 the set posted anywhere UK
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    Celli rotavator spares

    Anyone know where I could get some replacement gears for a celli rotavator?
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    PPA renewal

    Currently with limejump but due for renewal,been on tracker with them and feel like I have been well shafted,which other company's are worth trying.150kw solar
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    Where is the NFU?

    Why are the NFU not promoting British agriculture at the moment,if ever there was a time surely it is now,heard 2 supermarkets claiming they are feeding the nation on the radio this morning,a flour mill on the TV claiming the same,come on let the public know where there food is really coming from.
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    Hyd beavertail lowloader

    Going to buy a HYD beavertail lowloader,who apart from Kane and Stewart make them,anyone running one and how do they find them,will be used mainly for shifting 14t digger,telehandler and potato boxes.
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    Vaderstad coulters

    Vaderstad rapid coulters 18 new genuine coulters £325+vat
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    Grain dresser/cleaner

    Looking for a decent capacity grain dresser in working order
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    200acs East Coast Scotland
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    Tragic accident claims one of our own.

    Reading the paper today looks like a member of TFF has had a tragic accident. Terrible news R.I.P
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    Vaderstad cultus 3m autoreset

    3m vaderstad Cultus 3 rows of autoreset tines,spring levellers and large crumble roller Done very little work,good wearing metal £6500+vat
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    Lemken Thorit 3m autoreset

    3m lemken autoreset 3 rows tines,levelling discs,double crumbler,recent new metal Will work down to 30cm £4000+vat
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    Mercedes GLE

    Anyone running one?my disco is due to be changed but not keen on the look of the new one,need something capable of towing 3.5t and usable as family car if needed,Merc looks like it may fit the bill but I doubt it will be anywhere near as capable as my current disco is,any other suggestions,no...