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    A good description

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    Agriculture as we know it

    Reading media reports and Facebook posts about tree planting and alternatives to meat on a daily basis. Vegan and save the earth types gathering huge momentum as every week goes on. Are we facing what can only be described as a farming endangerment? Could we as a switched on farming group on...
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    This week on the farm CH5

    Anyone watching??
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    Food Shortages

    On radio today talking about it as a consequence of the labour shortage plus gas shortages talk of folk stock piling essential items again. Should we be more self sufficient again like the days in years passed?
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    Farming in the future

    What do we reckon is ahead of us ? More tech more regulation? More plant based farming??? Where does the predominantly livestock based small family farm fit in in the future?
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    Advisory group

    If you had a collective TFF advisory group here’s some of who I’d vote in Minister of lime @Cab-over Pete Minister of organic farming @Sid Minister of ploughing and cultivations @7610 super q and @Bury the Trash Minister of sheep’s @neilo Minister of alternative businesses @Clive Minister...
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    Petes Paddling pools

    Our new line of cattle trough derived paddling pools. @Cab-over Pete left his duck in our demonstration model.
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    Strange goings on

    Came home tonight and Mrs Rev said there’s something wrong with the lawnmower. Ok what like as we have had an issue with water in the petrol. No not that it’s revving like a motorbike! Ok so I have a look start it up it’s screaming it’s head off like a motocross bike. Unbelievably a snail had...
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    Where does a predominantly grassland farm fit in with carbon credits

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    Anyone growing or grown lupins for whole crop? Was a few growing it about 15yr ago but seems to have fallen away. Pic for attention
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    Grey Squirrells

    Anyone else noticed the large number of them about this spring/summer?
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    The Turnip Taliban?

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    Chinese battery

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    Anyone for salad?

    How much salad cream? Spotted in daily express
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    Farming & Conservation

    With all the talk on the re wilding thread about releasing large predators (which I do not agree with) we need to educate the masses how farming and wildlife can coexist in perfect balance. Just look at the masses of work a lot of farmers and landowners are doing sometimes at no economic benefit...
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    Weaving direct drill

    Anyone seen one close up? Spotted on Instagram
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    Best soil thermometer

    Recommendations please Thanks in advance
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    Farming’s Boom years.

    Evening all. Talking to a chap today about farming changes and how we’ve seen massive progress since the 60s-70s in both crops machinery and livestock. Farming was at its very pinnacle in the 80s-90s with some very successful farming families and that’s what made me think. Farming’s boom years...
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    Bird ID

    Difficult to get picture but it’s a small bird dark brown with very defined light brown stripes/lines across it’s body seemed to be happy pottering around in the ditch ahead of me
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    Any pictures of the river lugg in flood???

    Any news on whether work has helped after all the recent rain?