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    animal sanctuary

    advert in the daily mail, sos, for donations/hay. Hillside animal sanctuary. they claim to be home for: 2500 horses, ponies and donkeys. 650 cows 300 pigs 600 sheep and goats and lots of other animals, including dogs and deer. That is a hell of a lot of stock, advert gives the impression, all...
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    autumn re-seeding

    time has come, again, for autumn re-seeds. Interested to know what, farmers are planning variety wise. Had some interesting discussions, recently with seed reps. We have had an awful 3dry summers, on the trot, and grass, has been very short, both in quantity and life ! Rep in this morning...
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    having some serious hassle with a 'anti', for a year, snooping round, we are clean, and police involved, the question is, how far can we go, to protect our living ? CCTV, more solid gates, to stop people looking in, barbed wire on top of the gates to stop her climbing over, signs everytwhere...
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    food chain

    Watch Then ask what we could do, here in the UK
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    had a phone call this morning, telling us we had arrears going back 5 months, to us, odd, had they previously informed us ? no, so how could we know there was a problem ? The computers wont churn out a letter, for the amount of money in arrears, why ? the amount is to small, how much ? £2...
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    livestock auctions

    bit of humour, in these humourless times, watching USA auction, started with a wedding, in the ring !!! Guests were a load of farmers, in 'market' clothes, different. black and white bull calves, $10 to 25 sheep, sold singly, $75, but only 2 poor stirky things, $100, give or take, but looked...
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    as an avid follower of u tube, (enforced by health) been following cattle markets in the USA, and comparing them to ours, and they are different ! With regulations in the UK, those markets would struggle, wooden pens etc. But where they are streets ahead of ours, they obviously have to be...
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    whats safe to eat ?

    salad rocket, is now carcigenic now, farmers using to much nitrogen. Up till this, it was marketed as healthy. Another one recently, the difference between pasturised milk, and pasturised and hormoginised milk, pasturised, big fat globules = good chlolesterol, small ones, homogonised , bad...
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    following a complaint of slurry on road, we were blessed with a full inspection by EA, he wanted to see, and photograph everything. Hope we have come out reasonably well, a referral to RPA, because we had to take some slurry out from lagoon, in nvz closed period, if we had rung them up prior...
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    the bushfires

    had an interesting chat with someone who had spent time in Australia, talking about the fires, he said, that it was usual policy to create firebreaks, but the conservationist's had been complaining about 'the loss of habitat' etc, and the regular maintainance of the fire breaks had stopped...
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    farming post brexit

    as farming moves into a new phase, all sorts of things will change, as we learn to compete in a world market, been following some American farmers on u tube, many of their farmers have the same sorts of problems as we do. 1 problem we have, that they don't, is cattle ID, how do you think red...
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    I see the EU have given their thoughts on the election result, they don't know if MEP's will vote it through, European court might stop it. because they are worried some EU citizens might be left stateless, well, if they are worried, talk to Boris, I expect he will listen, and act if necessary...
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    dispersal exeter today

    anyone go ? looked a good herd on paper, prices ?
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    Hybrid rye

    any views on how late we can put it in ? we have 8 acres ploughed, but not worked, the rest is in.
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    high bactoscans

    had some way out results in October, cost us our bonus, so we are having a go, monthly reading 168. So, as this occurred while nml was out, and results were manually typed into e'mails, anyone else had a problem ? Also same time, transport was having a blip, drivers not pushing wash button, and...
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    spring calving

    as we are new to calving a 'proper' spring herd, rather than a few. We have had a s##t summer, drought = no grass, which means we have had to feed, that's farming. But, we have now got loads of grass, and hybrid rape, this has caused a big problem, in so much, as the b#####'s won't move, its...
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    xbred dairy bull calves

    we have to find a use for these calves, it dose not matter a damn, what we think, it's what the vocal public think, and shooting young calves, is NOT what they wan't. one answer is sexed semen, but, especially with xbred herds, all this is going to do, is flood the market with poorly bred dairy...
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    t b compensation

    as we might be starting down this sh#tty way, I have a question - I was told today, of a farmer, whose young 3rd calver, was refused full comp, and paid out at the over 84 month rate, as according to bcms, she hadn't calved for 2 yrs. had a dead calf is this correct ? is it some petty official...
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    red tractor

    having had a good moan about red tractor inspections over the years for things that are completely stupid, I feel I should report on our latest inspection. the only 'bits' inspected, were fully related to animal welfare, and sensible, while there was some ticking boxes, it did not take long, and...
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    after last year, a lot of our leys are thin in the bottom, the festololiums need a full reseed, if we go for plough/work etc, its going to be more work than we can cope with, then its down to contractors, and extra expense. we are thinking about buying a direct drill, and as we use an aerator...