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    Non Standard Construction House

    Mortgage provider has said no, so thats the end of that. Many thanks to all who responded, much appreciated.
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    Geronimo NVL

    Post-mortem shows 'not a shred of evidence' Geronimo had tuberculosis First time trying this ‘link’ thing, hope it works!
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    Geronimo NVL

    Carry on reading the article, and Defra say different. Which is it?
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    Geronimo NVL

    Just read the results are in. After 4 years no sign of TB......
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    Non Standard Construction House

    Needs to ask the mortgage adviser ASAP then.
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    Non Standard Construction House

    Any thing to watch out for when buying a pre fab house? Late 60’s, early 70’s, probably ex council house. Daughter has put an offer in on the house, and when she showed me the details it said, ‘This property is modus construction pre fabricated house which has been skinned with brick and...
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    Used plastic oil drums disposal

    What / how are you disposing of the used oil? Rule here is not to let the numbers of any waste products mount up so that it becomes the problem you have. Very lucky that the local Sort it centre has a used oil collection tank and next to it a bin for the empty container. A little and often...
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    Monster Cattle or Incorrect Passports ?

    Farmer not too far from here always had ‘the best calves in the ring’, quick feel of the horns......
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    Puncture patch problems

    Did that, it sticks to the rim of the patch, pull too hard and it rips the patch as you can see in the picture
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    Puncture patch problems

    7.30 on a Thursday evening, load of straw waiting to be unloaded and a flat front tyre on the loader tractor ☹️
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    Fuel price tracker

    1000 red @59.45ppl Ford Fuels, up 2ppl from a month ago, must get a bigger tank☹️
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    Puncture patch problems

    As you can see it sticks to the rim of the patch. Had a different brand of patch years ago that had the backing pre cut and from memory they peeled easily. I flex the patch before it is attached to loosen the backing and give it a bloody good rolling once attached.
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    Puncture patch problems

    Why can I not get the backing off without damaging the patch?
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    Chemical Price Tracker

    Glyphosate £110 / 20ltr !
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    MF HC plus/Morris oils

    What are you paying for HC? Quick look at the Morris website and the price for UTTO is double that of HC.
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    Alvan Blanch Roller Mill Problems

    I’ll PM you later, thanks
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    Your current weather.

    I’ve got it, gently breeze and warm sunshine down here
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    Alvan Blanch Roller Mill Problems

    The rollers in my old Alvan Blanch mill / mixer have come to the end of their life and due to it’s age replacements are no longer available. Looking to fit an Alvan Blanch RV140 unit onto the existing mixer unit. Anyone using one of these units? Price of the unit? What power supply? I only have...
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    My NH 276 conventional baler was good at leaving string behind, had to stuff the holes where the string came out of the back with grass to stop it.
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    Hay Making 2021

    Coming up the M5 from Clevedon yesterday, lots of people going for hay by the looks of it,who can blame them with the forecast we were given, steady rain now so what didn’t get baled will be a mess/hard work. One farmer had the small baler going, hope he hauled it straight away