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    Lely Tedder fans

    Do I see correct? The new Massey tedder is the lely design.
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    Deutz Fahr 115mk3 error code

    Could anyone tell me what the below error code means please? It comes on when I shift from H to M and locks out the power shift. Switching the tractor off and then on again clears it. I have been clutching when going between H and M which doesn't bring up the error code. Thanks for any advice.
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    Pros and cons for a rotary pump on a tanker.

    As above. What are the pros and cons for having a rotary pump instead of a vacuum pump on a tanker? I saw it mentioned on the Joskin thread and since noticed pretty much all continental tankers have them. Thanks
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    A little bit of positive press! Discuss.
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    Dairy Farming in the 60's

    Thought this might be of interest to a few of you. It does cut of abruptly at the end.
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    They don't make promo videos like this anymore!

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    Rising age of my customers

    After everything was going so well second cut done with the new wagon, baler and wrapper with everything under control and 14000 bales through the conventional baler and bandit in six days. It all went so wrong so quickly. A major incident with my conventional baler and bandit (the draw bar...
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    Which variable baler and wrapper?

    I have an Vicon 2190 bale pack that I'm considering upgrading. What baler and wrapper combination should I be looking at? What are people's experiences good and bad? I would say I had a Mchale fusion vario on demo last year. I was not impressed. It turned up did 15 bales and had a bearing go...
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    Additive system on a forage wagon.

    I have recently purchased a Pottinger torro 6010 and I'm looking at setting up an additive system on it. I have noticed the normal place to put the tank/drums is on the front of the wagon up high. Has anybody done anything different to this? Also any other advice on fitting a system would be...
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    Syn Trac

    What are your thoughts?
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    Aldi meat prices

    We have had a new Aldi open near to where we live. The wife did a shop there the other day and brought some British 21 day aged ribeye and sirloin steak home. These were very nice and tender and full of flavour. Having asked her about the price I found out it is £7/kg cheaper than the equivalent...