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  1. Bobthebuilder

    Security cameras

    Does anyone have any solutions or know of anything that can be put onto security camera lenses to stop spiders webs, pictures are fine in day light but at night the infrared just picks up spiders webs
  2. Bobthebuilder

    Tyre pressure

    What tyre pressures are you guys with Michelin X-bibs running for general haulage and road work
  3. Bobthebuilder

    Problem with vacuum tanker

    Have an old Abby 1100 gal tanker used for washing sheds/cattle pens and the odd bit of tank emptying, used it the other day and not sucking very well through 2” hose then when using on pressure side you could lay the pipe in ground and it wouldn’t thrash about like it used to so not much on the...
  4. Bobthebuilder

    Jcb camera

    Anyone fitted a camera on the new jcbs with new cab that has the screen in? What plug is on it, where is it and does it need to be from job or can cheap 1 off eBay be used, not interested in using separate screen
  5. Bobthebuilder


    Been a job in progress for a while between jobs but finally got it finished today, old oil tank cut down internal weight of old cast roller rings covered with concrete, false floor to create a storage space still a gap under for extra weight if needed, rough guess it’ll be around 500kg, only new...
  6. Bobthebuilder

    Pillar drill

    Our pillar drill in workshop is playing up, never been a great 1 tbh, it’s a cheap(ish) sealy, it replaced an old meddings when the nylon gears stripped and didn’t realise they still made them 🙈 the question is replace with an old industrial drill off eBay or the likes that will be built like...
  7. Bobthebuilder

    Weight of concrete for weight box

    is there a calculation to work out how heavy concrete is? Making a front weight box with storage and wondered how heavy it would be with some concrete in the base
  8. Bobthebuilder

    Welding helmet

    My auto shade welding helmet gave up the ghost this evening ( headband fell to bits ) any recommendations for a good 1 that won’t break the bank or fall to bits after 6months, not bothered about air feed as have an extractor in workshop
  9. Bobthebuilder

    Expensive hole

    Tray testing fert spreader today and noticed a pea size hole in 1 of the long vanes, new set of vanes= just shy of £500 😳
  10. Bobthebuilder


    Recycling an old snacker into a fencing bogie for the quad, wire roller to start with, also gonna be a spool for barb wire and a rack for a few posts and tools
  11. Bobthebuilder


    Have a 13plate defender 90td with a tick over issue, have changed the fuel filter blown fuel lines out from engine bay back to tank, when running it will excelerate well and goes up to 70+ no problem but will not tick over without cutting out, any ideas 😏
  12. Bobthebuilder

    You couldn’t make it up

    Taken of a friends Facebook page
  13. Bobthebuilder

    Can anyone lend me a few quid pls

    Pass the place every now n then, smart looking setup but might need to put a few extra hours overtime in to buy it
  14. Bobthebuilder

    Sumo trio

    Having an issue with our 3m trailed trio, when kicking the legs back on the hydraulics after a few mins they all drop back down by themselves, no signs of any oil leaking anywhere, happens on more than 1 tractor so not a tractor problem, even happens when taken off the tractor almost to the...
  15. Bobthebuilder

    JD lawn mower

    JD lawn mower needed a new drive belt, book says take to specialist workshop :rolleyes:, how hard can it be to change a drive belt on a lawn mower :unsure:, been on all afternoon almost full strip down of engine/chassis/cutting deck just to change a belt FFS, next time it's going to dealer :X3:
  16. Bobthebuilder

    TFF on new phone

    have a new iphone SE is it possible to still get the TFF app? can't seem to find it in app store
  17. Bobthebuilder

    Suction/blower pipes

    Is there a tool you can get to make new flanges on the pipes for clipping them together
  18. Bobthebuilder


    had someone asking how much water i could put through our sprayer the other day as they where toying with the idea of putting some water on S Barley, i told him he'd be better off with a slurry tanker but only if he had a god supply of water, i know there'll be a calculation somewhere but how...
  19. Bobthebuilder

    new cylinder head on chainsaw

    Not had much to do with small engines and was wondering how easy/difficult a job it is to change the cylinder head on a husqvarna 353 chainsaw, atm the thread is stripped and spark plug wont stay in and i see you can get a kit online to replace head,piston and rings for @ £30, any special tools...