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  1. FonterraFarmer

    Discounted price to Family???

    My niece went to the gym last week, and as you do , you talk to people there and by pure coincidence and luck she found out that she was infact talking to one of her not too distant cousins.......again:rolleyes: So that got me thinking, and thats not probably a good idea:banghead: , but...
  2. FonterraFarmer

    Contractors and gateways....

    OK , a question on contractors and gateways:facepalm:, now I've had a few strainers and posts broken over the years, but have always worked on the basis, that if a strainer is broken, then 99%of the time , the gateway is too small, and as a result its the owners responsibility to ensure that all...
  3. FonterraFarmer

    Predictions for 2017....

    With 2016 coming to an end in four hours, what predictions does one have for 2017? Will the president be shot or assassinated:rolleyes:, who will Keith Richards out live:eek:, and will Forage Trader actually buy a new "truck"?:whistle: Your predictions please......:LOL:
  4. FonterraFarmer

    If only you could still buy them...

    If only you could still buy them, what specific piece of machinery or equipement would you buy today if it still was available today but is now unobtainable now new? For me, I'd be happy with another Sanyo Cadnica Searchlite NL D51 (just totally worn out :cry:) , or a new Honda TRX400 as the...
  5. FonterraFarmer

    Mystery Creek 2016

    Mystery Creek, New Zealand's National Feildays , 15-18 June 2016, just a few random pictures including couple of my favourites, the T234 and the 70 Series(y)(y):D
  6. FonterraFarmer

    Walterscheid PTO driveshafts???

    Has anyone ever disassembled a Walterscheid pto driveshaft, only to find that the excessive play in the joint isn't between the cross and needle rollers but between the cup that holds the needle rollers and the yoke? On dissaaembly of the joint, there appears to be no damage or wear between the...
  7. FonterraFarmer

    KUHN Haybob 360

    Just want to know if the pin on the main frame that holds the two rods that locates the two rotors in the raking and tedding position,is the pin welded just on the top of the frame only , or welded on the top and bottem? This one was only welded on the top, and was only enevitable that one day...
  8. FonterraFarmer


    Where has the weather from the BBC gone thats below the Forum Statistics? Just get a question mark in a blue box and when I try to set location, it won't recognise Hamilton NZ? Jake done something wrong or what?
  9. FonterraFarmer

    NZ Agricultural Fieldays 2014

    Some pictures from today........
  10. FonterraFarmer

    Quicke 740-760

    With Quicke/Alö loaders, do the 740 and 760 loaders use the same brackets on the tractor? I need to know if you can use a 740 loader on 760 loader brackets, so I can use one loader on two tractors.(y)
  11. FonterraFarmer

    03 Freelander parts

    Does any one know how much it costs for a timing belt tensioner for a 2.5litre V6 Freelander in the UK? Just out of curiousity the cost in NZ is $600 for genuine LR parts, $500 for nongenuine parts(same part , different box) or alledgedly $90 plus freight, ex US. Just want to see what the...
  12. FonterraFarmer

    NZ Fieldays Mystery Creek 2013

  13. FonterraFarmer

    Map with member location.

    Would it be a good idea to have a map either of the UK and Ireland or the world (Like on MyValtra) showing the location of forum members?Just to give some of us ourside the UK and EU where other forum members are located?(y)
  14. FonterraFarmer

    Rated Horsepower

    In relation to new tractors, are they all rated horsepower net at the PTO? Or is there the odd manufacturer that uses gross horsepower at the flywheel? If so who? or why?