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    The uk

    Feels very angry at the moment I don't think I know a time when been such anger and frustration, Why are people getting so angry ?
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    David amess

    Awful what happened today my thoughts are with his family
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    More by elections

    To take place in Sidcup and Leicester east at some point
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    Roof work

    Please everyone take care whilst doing this, as yesterday my cousin fell through a panel on a shed, he is ok but has cuts and bruises, If need to do work at height if feel you can't do it safely employ a contractor, my cousin was lucky falling at height kills.
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    Covid virus going forward

    Is the uk on the right track, I can't say myself as so many things are conflicting regarding infection rate and vaccination roll out, Anyone elese got any thoughts ??
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    Batley by election

    Been a horrible campaign by all accounts,politics seem to bring out the worst in people in the uk sometimes.
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    Indian covid variant

    Really hope the surge testing works, otherwise uk be back to square 1
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    Tories win Hartlepool

    Massive win there, be very difficult for Labour to lose this seat.
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    Astra Zeneca

    I am having my jab on Monday and it's likely to be that vaccine, I know there are many threads on it, what are the actual risks from it ?
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    Covid poll

    You don't have to say if it hospitalised you if don't want too, Just wanting to gauge how many on the forum have had the virus or not had it, If anyone finds this offence I apologise in advance.
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    Wales covid jabs

    Any idea when people in there 30s will get a jab?
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    Crowds at sporting events

    Will the government be giving any detail soon on when fans can return and watch sports indoors and outdoors?
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    Assembly and local elections 2021

    I can't see how these can go ahead people going into a polling station possibly carrying the virus, assume they could be deferred by a year ?
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    It's been a year since,,,

    The general election, Still it got rid of corbyn !
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    Corbyn ,,

    Been re instated into the Labour Party.
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    Prime minister in isolation again

    Uk prime minster is in isolation after coming into contact with a covid patient, will this government even start to learn any lessons?
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    Harry west sad news

    The owner off the trailer and machinery manufacturer in Shropshire has sadly passed away, There will be many on this forum who brought trailers and muck spreaders from his company, Still see countless lots of west trailers in north wales today My thoughts are with his family.
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    Covid vaccine

    Seems there has been some good news that vaccines tests have passed there first and I think second round of tests in the laboratorys, Wonder if have to get given covid vaccine every year or single jab is enough for a lifetime ?
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    Pm car crash

    Protester jumped in front of his car and pm car was hit by second car in the convoy, hope police take statements and breath tests from both drivers,,,
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    I fear

    If get a second wave it mean more lockdown obviously, but people will get fed up and government might have to do house arrest style lockdown if not working or if your a health worker, people could get seriously fed up and angry.