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  1. Joshie

    Leyland 272 back end oil filler / dipstick

    Hi. Where abouts do you fill back end oil on one of these? And check the level?
  2. Joshie

    Calf seizure/ meningitis?

    Hi. I have a 12 week old calf which yesterday I found it laid flat out al 4 legs stiff and straight, head floppy etc. Called vet and he came out and said maybe tetanus or meningitis. Treated with Micotil and steroid. And started a course of pen strep. Within 2 hours we managed to get it up and...
  3. Joshie


    Hi. How long does lung worm survive on a pasture after cattle have been removed? Have a field which always makes them cough, but giving it a rest now but will need it soon in the next few weeks. Also, someone told me the lung worms can survive in water troughs? Any truth in that?
  4. Joshie

    Calf displaced abomasum

    Hi, Basically can calves get DA? Got a 3/4 month holstein bull calf which has heck of a belly and worried incase its a DA or if its just pot bellied. No other symptoms and eats and passes muck fine. Would there be other symptoms if it was Displaces Abomasum? Kind regards
  5. Joshie

    Rearing calves wanted

    Anyone have or know of any bucket calves for sale? Preferably angus or limi. Must be good quality high health, ideally from yorkshire or above. Tb 4 Thankyou
  6. Joshie

    Long term farm tenancy

    Morning, Just after a bit of advice from where to go from here with my business. I'm currently renting most my land on grazing licences and have a small amount my parents own and have picked up other bits along the way. Approximately 120 acres in total so relatively small. I have sheds at home...
  7. Joshie

    8 ton tipping trailer or chasis

    Hi, I'm after an old 8ton tipping trailer or chassis to make a small bale trailer out of. Condition of body is not important. Must be from north yorkshire or delivery will be needed. Thanks
  8. Joshie

    Bullock blowing up from sucking heifers

    Hi, after a bit of advice as I've a bullock doing my head in. I've a 10month old limi x bullock that keeps sucking heifers and for some reason it makes it self blow up and I have to tube it. I first noticed what it was doing about 2months ago, I got a nose spike thing and just left it with a...
  9. Joshie

    Sprayer water

    Hi, I have a rain water tank which I treat with a low dose of hydrogen peroxide for livestock drinking. Does anyone know if the hydrogen peroxide would effect the chemicals if I used it to fill my sprayer up from it? Thanks in advance
  10. Joshie

    Sulky fertiliser settings

    Hi, I own a sulky fert spreader, (dpx 70years) and as just wondering if anyone has any settings for 25.5.5 + SO3 as I've checked the book and online and there arent any settings for that type of fertiliser. It's just for grass so as long as I'm near enough but I'd like a starting point. Regards
  11. Joshie

    Calf pens

    Hi, what is everyone using for making calf pens? Ideally want something so I can keep 2/3 calves in whilst on milk before weaning. Currently just tieing gates together but would like something like either metal sheep hurdles or maybe something like stock board that is easy to slot together...
  12. Joshie

    540 eco

    Hi, got a new tractor with economy 540. Is there a golden rule for implements you can use in it? I know things like tillage spreader and sprayer/rakes etc you can but how about rotary topper or barrel muck spreader? It drives the topper great in it but I don't want to damage anything long term...
  13. Joshie

    Kuhn GMD24 mower blocking up

    Hi, I've got a kuhn gmd 24 mower this year. Hog it brand new. Just lately its started blocking up for some reason, you go along fine them it pulls the tractor down and you notice it's hardly cutting and you have to reverse and start again. It was grand early on when crops were lighter but now...
  14. Joshie

    Kuhn GM mower blades

    Hi, got a new mower this year. At first I thought they've put all the blades on upside down! But it cuts well and it's not clear from the illustrations but in the book I think they look correct. Every mower I've used they have been the other way up. Have I got this right??!!!![emoji1]
  15. Joshie

    Grazing heifers and bullocks together

    Hi, Any problem in grazing heifers and bullocks together? 7 heifers and 8 bullocks. The bullocks were cut by the vet, only thing is 4 of the bullocks will be 100kg more than heifers. I know it's not ideal but its just how they are working out to fit the fields this year. Thanks
  16. Joshie

    Sprayer pump problem

    Hi, I have an eastern European sprayer, recently it has started leaking oil out of the filler cap on the pump. What would make it do this? It's obviously under some pressure. It's been like it a while to be fair and it's seems to have been working ok so I've not touched it. About 100 acres ago...
  17. Joshie

    Spray mixing question

    Evening, If you are mixing say MCPA and Fluroxpyr (minstrel) would you go at 2 litres of mcpa and 1 litre of Fluroxpyr a hectare. Or is there a way of knowing how much of each chemical to mix? Thanks
  18. Joshie

    Soil analysis report

    Hi, just recently had a soil analysis done of a field I rent which I intend to take 2-3 cuts of silage off. I was planning on just sticking 80kg/ acre ish of 20.10.10 as we have a few bags left in the shed. But I've had it tested and it looks like p and k and ph is all fine? So would 20.10.10 do...
  19. Joshie

    Establishing forage rape after grassland

    Hi. I'm hoping to grow a bit of forage rape or kale in some old grass leys this summer ready for outwintering some cattle next winter. I was thinking spraying off after grazed hard, maybe June/ July? Then directing drilling straight in. Would it benefit to disc the field first or how will it...
  20. Joshie

    Yellow rust in grass

    Got a field that's got yellow rust bad. Not much on it but was going to silage it? Will it still make silage or not?