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  1. sjt01

    Situation Vacant Engineer for diversified Norfolk farm

    Looking for an engineer, preferably Mechanical or Electrical, recent graduate or final year. Must be hands on. Looking after anaerobic digester, arable and dairy operation, cheese making, electrical and heat distribution system. Always improvements and development projects to work on...
  2. sjt01

    US President cites cover crops in speech

    Biden's speech to Congress mentioned cover crops to counteract global warming, and paying for them.
  3. sjt01

    Cambridge Regen Ag film

    Useful publicity
  4. sjt01

    Talking to MP about zero till etc. Suggestions please.

    On Tues 5 Jan will be having a Teams meeting with our MP, Jerome Mayhew. This is part of what I wrote to him that prompted the meeting: "We are farmers and cheesemakers in the North Norfolk part of your constituency. We have been trying our best to reduce the environmental impact of what we do...
  5. sjt01

    Sabre tine behind Caddy

    Just tried out the Sabre tine conversion of a KV cultivator we bought from @Bob lincs last week. Cover crop going in behind spring barley ahead of maize next year.
  6. sjt01

    Electric tractor (a bit small!)

  7. sjt01

    Direct drilling lucerne?

    Has anyone experience of direct drilling lucerne? We would like to be able to do it, to get away from our normal practice of broadcasting onto a fine tilth, and then rolling it in.
  8. sjt01

    Biogas from lucerne?

    We have just had some clamped lucerne silage analysed, and it comes out at 10.3 ME. Makes me think it would be good for the digester if we can keep the C:N ratio ok. For us a big advantage is that it grows for 5+ years, only needs a dose of digestate occasionally, disadvantage is that first year...
  9. sjt01

    Biogas at Wighton

    My initial exposure to the biogas experience is when I was running the Ag Eng workshop at Bunda College, University of Malawi. In 1977, the then farm manager, Felix Pereira, a Goan, wanted to build a Gobar digester for the dairy manure to make gas for cooking staff food. I was roped in to get...
  10. sjt01

    Reca UK tools

    Has anyone experience of these? We had the local rep round yesterday, undercut our previous cutting disk suppliers by about 20%, tried the disks and seem OK. Also tried then ordered some drill bits for Hardox and stainless. Tried one against our standard bits, went through Hardox in less than...
  11. sjt01

    Historical photos from North Norfolk

    As requested by JP1. Lets start with my Great Grandfather We can date this one at about 1920, after the War Memorial was erected but before the street was tarred.
  12. sjt01

    Brown Swiss pedigree heifers for sale, TB4 area

    We have small numbers of Brown Swiss pedigree heifers for sale. Ages from weaning to calving. Contact me for details of what is currently available. Because of the superb fertility and longevity of the Brown Swiss we have more replacements than we need. In Norfolk, TB4 area.
  13. sjt01

    Situation Vacant Engineer/manager needed for Norfolk farming business

    We are looking for someone to come in and join the business, for general management and looking after the digester, the equipment we have built for the cheese (including the heating system, but mainly electrical, electronic and mechanical. Programming in ladder logic also required). There will...
  14. sjt01

    Situation Vacant Looking for Engineer/Farmer for joint venture

    In case any of you missed the ads in the print magazines, here it is. Effectively the closing date will be when we find the right partner
  15. sjt01

    Farming Today Radio 4 Weds 8 May

    If anyone heard my appeal and wants to contact me, you can message me through TFF Stephen
  16. sjt01

    Chopper baler - 4 string midi size

    Looking for a 4 string chopper baler. Seem to be plenty non-chopper, and a few second hand over 50,000 bales. Would prefer something around the 20,000 bale mark Stephen
  17. sjt01

    BT Business Hub Port forwarding

    If anyone has set up a BT Business Hub, I would be grateful for a bit of advice. I have a BT Business Smart Hub on FTTP, recently installed. I have been trying to get Team Viewer to go straight through to one private IP as we used to do on our Draytek router. This was the setup on the Draytek...
  18. sjt01

    Cubicle lime dispenser - Vink

    Any experiences good or bad with the Vink lime dispenser?
  19. sjt01

    Valmetal bedding chopper for cubicles

    Our cubicles are at present on deep straw over chalk. We are in the process of installing matresses, and want to cut back on straw use. We currently use a Teagle Tomahawk for bedding up, but wonder if the Valmetal machine would do a better job with less dust, less straw and less fuel. Has...
  20. sjt01

    Adba show at NEC today

    Anyone attending and interested in meeting up?